Multi-Display Management System

Platinum™ SX Pro is a scalable and high-density multiviewer designed for Platinum™ routing frames, offering more sources and outputs in fewer rack units.

Combining the best in multi-image processing technology with the game-changing advantages of the Platinum router series, the Platinum SX Pro provides a vast range of user-friendly configuration and control options. It is a powerful, highly reliable, space-saving multi-display management system that is easy to deploy, consumes less power, and reduces overall integration and operating costs.

The SX Pro hardware sitting in front of a mutliviewer output screen

Back panel of the SX PRO 32x6

Back panel of the SX PRO 64x6

Back panel of the SX PRO 16x6

wall of blue and green video images
  • Advanced scaling technology for unsurpassed picture quality
  • Unmatched display output options
  • Built-in wall control functionality
  • Superior redundancy
  • Pristine, quality images – ideal for production environments
  • Less than one frame of processing delay
  • Monitoring of up to 576 sources over 192 displays in a single IP3 frame
  • Monitoring of 1152 sources via two interconnected IP3 frames
  • Flexible control of displays in groups from 1 – 6 at a time
  • Support for 3G/HD/SD/Composite signals
  • Simultaneous HDMI and HD-SDI outputs
  • SFP fiber output option
  • Alarming on audio, video and metadata faults
  • Monitoring of embedded, AES, analog or MADI audio
  • Monitoring of DolbyE metadata with audio pass-thru
  • Embedded and AES audio monitor output
  • On-screen clocks and timers
  • Support for dynamic UMD and Tally protocols
  • Daktronics and OES scoreboard support
  • Alpermann + Velte Rubidium Master Timing Series support
  • LTC, NTP and VITC timecode
  • Dynamic aspect ratio management
  • Safe area and aspect ratio markers
  • Closed Caption, Teletext Subtitle and OP-47 HD decode and display
  • On-screen mouse control
  • SNMP and CCSP status and alarming

Maximum functionality, Minimum real estate
The Platinum SX Pro multi-display management system offers versatile, modular solutions capable of monitoring from 16 to 1152 sources in a space-, cost- and power-saving package.

Platinum SX Pro is an output module that operates in any current Platinum MX and IP3 router chassis. Occupying from one to four slots, the module can reside alone in a Platinum frame and function exclusively as a multiviewer, or can be combined with routing cards for ultimate flexibility.

A single Platinum SX Pro card is capable of driving up to three unique displays, with the dual- and quad-slot versions capable of driving up to six. Depending on the size of the frame, up to 64 Platinum SX Pro modules can be placed in one chassis.

With Platinum SX Pro, you can monitor up to 576 baseband input signals and drive up to 192 independent displays via a single IP3 chassis. And if your business outgrows your monitoring capability, two frames can be easily linked together to increase monitoring to 1152 inputs, while simultaneously increasing the output capacity — up to an unprecedented 384 displays in 56RU!

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Imagine Communications’ Platinum IP3 Router Provides Production Hub for Dega in Rio

Imagine Communications, empowering the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation, has supplied Dega Broadcast Systems with a fully configured Platinum™ IP3 router.  It will serve as the central point of control for the on-site facilities Dega is building for the BBC in Rio de Janeiro for the summer games. Dega, a UK-based systems integration specialist, is using additional infrastructure products from Imagine Communications, including converters and distribution amplifiers, running to about 30 frames of distribution equipment, plus test and measurement equipment.

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Steve earned a MS in Computer Engineering from Widener University and BS in Computer Science from West Chester University. As the Chairman of the AIMS Alliance and a member of SMPTE and SCTE, he has participated in numerous standards-making bodies in the cable and digital video industries. Steve also holds over 40 patents relating to digital video, content security, interactive television and digital devices.