Configurable Master Control Dashboards

Versio™ Control is a configurable web-based dashboard builder designed for master control operations, and is part of the Versio™ integrated playout ecosystem. It enables users to build customized contextual-driven control and monitoring panels with the right tools for manual channel control.

Versio™ Control provides a toolkit of functional widgets that combine master control, graphics, automation and system monitoring capability into a single, consolidated framework. It makes the user experience simpler and smarter, allowing you to effortlessly add functionality through its intuitive grid-based, drag-and-drop configuration in real time.

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  • Highly customizable: Configure dashboards in minutes with a library of UX-optimized widgets
  • Consolidated monitoring: Aggregates data from multiple platforms into a single view
  • Intuitive: Optimized for touch with tap-and-swipe mobile-like gestures
  • Anywhere access: View, control and monitor channels anywhere you have network access
  • Versatile: Offers multiplatform support – desktop PC, interaction touch screen, or tablet
  • Safe operations: Protect channel control through authenticated access and granular permissions
  • Easy to configure, easy to use: Build interfaces on-the-fly with easy-to-use drag and drop configuration
  • Improved efficiencies: Increase operator-to-channel density for multichannel control and monitoring
  • Scalable: Scale up and scale down as operational complexity requirements demand
  • Each operator can customize the layout of their own panel/dashboard
  • Supervisors can create multichannel status dashboard for an all-in-one system monitoring
  • Functionality added in the form of widgets like modules that provide a user with specific functionality — they can be as simple as a single button or as complex as a switcher row
  • Each widget supports its own configuration and customization, including the ability to set button size and color. The level of configuration required depends on the complexity of the widget.
  • Multichannel control: Link and group widgets in containers with all widgets within the group inheriting the channel selection assigned. Multiple containers can be added per workstation, allowing multiple configurable channel groups per dashboard.
  • Canvas designer: Use a simple and intuitive designer to quickly and efficiently create workspaces to highlight and prioritize data of operational significance; build panels for events such as live sports, deliver high-density multichannel monitoring, or simply show a huge clock to display a countdown to the next missing event.
  • A quick-select Favorites pane allows single-click recall of common workspaces, allowing operators to effortlessly jump between different panels as operational tasks require.
  • All dashboards are centrally stored so once a panel has been created, any workstation in any location can be granted access.
  • User Authentication: Level of access can be limited based on a user’s role. Edit access might be restricted to system administrators, while operators can be limited to view and control access.
  • Custom widgets: API framework for 3rd-party vendors or customers to build their own widgets, providing additional custom capability. You can integrate internal applications into the platform to further streamline operations

Versio™ Automation Widget

Provides control of Versio Automation playlists and displays useful metadata such as timers and errors.


  • Playlist Control: View, monitor and edit Versio Automation playout channels
  • Control Buttons: Customize button layouts, enabling flexible control of a playout channel (Take Next, Play, Stop)
  • Clocks: Monitor channel time, countdowns, and time to next
  • Content Browse: View the content from media storages; add assets manually onto your playlists with simple drag & drop
  • Tally Now, Next, Later events
  • Live Panel: Enhanced control of commercial events in the playlist for a fast turnaround between live events and commercial breaks, ideal for sports or news
  • Add/remove black frames

Graphics Control Widget

Create a truly graphics-focused panel with greater flexibility over layers and expose different layers to support different workflows. Versio Control’s graphics tools also increase the number of macros available, meaning more program-specific graphic control and more flexibility.


  • Layer control
  • Layer metadata and macro control
  • Macro selections and assignment
  • Easily trigger graphics on preset or program with a single click
  • Edit real-time text tags on the fly, perfect for that last-minute on-air crawl

Switcher Widget

Low-latency video thumbnails deliver a heads-up display for operators for quality assurance, but also near real-time switching feedback for channels that are deployed in high latency environments such as the public cloud. Flexible graph buttons allow operators to configure and control any component in the Versio playout engine.


  • Video Thumbnail and VU Meters Preview (preview or program)
  • Switcher Bus (preset, program, and monitor)
  • Graph Button (set and control component values)
  • Transition Bus with transition speed and control
  • Key & Fill Control

Targets Widget

Selects which channel(s) are being controlled – a target selector can be placed within a container to determine the channel a group of widgets controls. Take all allows master control functions such as coordinating take across multiple widgets.


  • Target Select
  • Take All

Utility Widget

Provides the tools to enhance your workspace, offering a range of tools to augment Versio Control’s control widgets. By using the tools in the utility widget, users can apply a station logo, or display multiple system clocks showing time zones for an important international sports match.


  • Browser – embed external data
  • Display Image
  • System Clock
  • Title and Text
  • Video – embed an HLS stream or other video source
  • Stopwatch

ADC™ Automation Control Widget

Provides control of ADC playlists and displays useful metadata such as timers and errors.


  • Playlist Control: View, monitor and edit ADC transmission lists
  • Control Buttons: Customize button layouts, enabling flexible control of a playout channel (Take Next, Take Secondary, Play, Freeze and more)
  • Clocks: Monitor system time, countdowns, and time to next events (Server time, Remaining time of clip, Countdown to marked ‘N’ event, Time to next Hard Start/UpCount/Missing/Anchor, etc.)
  • Content Browse: View the content from video servers and the ADC database; add assets manually onto your playlists with simple drag & drop
  • Tally Now, Next, Later events
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