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No Turning Back – Broadcast Industry Forges Ahead with IP

Explore the advantages of transitioning to IP technology in sports broadcasting. Hear from our panel of experts who share insights from deploying SMPTE ST 2110 IP infrastructures at prestigious venues, including State Farm Stadium. Discover the technical, operational, and business benefits of embracing IP-based solutions in this evolving market.

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House of Worship Broadcast Centers Embrace IP to Extend Message, Music, and Mission

Learn how modern houses of worship are enhancing their broadcasts with the latest IP technology. Join industry experts as they discuss upgrading to efficient, high-quality video solutions. Hear firsthand experiences from leaders at AVnew, Panasonic, and Skylark.

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Unlocking the IP Journey – Scalable Solutions for Production Networks

Join TVBEurope for an in-depth conversation with technical experts from Microsoft and Pac-12, along with Imagine Communications and Arista Networks, as we explore the insights from recent deployments of large-scale NMOS-managed SMPTE ST 2110 networks.

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Fast Track to ST 2110 with Pac-12 Networks

Join Hieu Ho of Pac-12 Networks, Nik Kumar of ASG, and John Mailhot of Imagine Communications as they discuss the best practices and lessons learned when migrating to IP connectivity. They will explore how Pac-12 did their due diligence in determining the right path for their needs.

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Behind the scenes of The Big House - home of the #1-ranked Michigan Wolverines

Gain insight into how the University of Michigan production team leveraged ST 2110 to redefine the user experience of the game. Take a look!

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ST 2110 IP Goes Mainstream with Broadcast Leader Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS)

Explore the mainstream adoption of ST 2110 IP solutions as Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) shares insights on deploying open-standard technology. Learn how OBS leverages ST 2110 to create, manage, and distribute high-value content, aligning with viewer expectations and business needs.

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Hybrid Cloud Strategies - a TVN Working Lunch Webinar

Hear experts from Sinclair, FOX Television Stations, NBCUniversal Local, Imagine and Bitcentral discuss technical and business decisions around what workflows are best supported on-premises and what should move to the cloud, and how they see that hybrid mix evolving for broadcasters.

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Televisa and Imagine Discuss an Evolutionary Path to the Future of TV Advertising

Go behind-the-scenes of how the world’s leading Spanish-language media company is transforming its ad sales operations. Key takeaways include pro tips on using the latest ad tech to streamline business workflows and optimize yield across platforms.

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Unlocking Revenue Upside: Exploring Dynamic Trading in the US Ad Market

From TVOT23 - Linear ad revenue dominates the CTV arena, comprising over 80% of publisher revenue in the US. Join our panel of experts to explore the potential of dynamic trading in the US ad market, what’s required to make it happen, and how soon the change may come.

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Hybrid Origination & Orchestration is the Path to the Cloud

Imagine Communications' GM of Playout & Infrastructure, Brendon Mills shares insights on the investment and implementation benefits of hybrid playout operations. 

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Magellan Control System - Why NMOS is the Game Changer

Join John Mailhot as he shares why NMOS is a key part of how Magellan Control System works so efficiently in IP production facilities leveraging a SMPTE 2110 infrastructure.

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Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP) Update for 2023

Join John Mailhot, as he shares why the SNP is the most trusted – feature complete solution for today’s production environment.

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Technology Predictions for 2023

Join executives from Sinclair, Fox Television Stations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, TAG Video Systems and Imagine Communications for their 2023 Technology Predictions

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It’s All TV: Ad Buying and Selling in a Convergent World

FAST Channel or cable network, streaming app or CTV device—for the consumer, it’s all TV. Is advertising keeping pace? This panel of experts will debate the present state of cross-platform TV advertising and the path to true convergence.

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How to Thrive in a Changing Media Landscape

Get the perspectives of global industry senior executives on how media companies can evolve to thrive in a changing media landscape and the benefits they can expect by taking a cloud-based, audience-first approach to advertising.

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SNP Tech Topic: Multiviewer

Discover why SNP-MV is the game changer for operators who expect more from a multiviewer.

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A Perfect Game – NESN Leads the Way for RSN Broadcasts in 4K/HDR

Join Bob Bolson, Director Solutions Architecture at Imagine Communications, as he talks with Kenny Elcock, VP Engineering at NESN, on planning and implementing the innovative technology behind the RSN’s successful broadcasts in native 4K/HDR.

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Introducing Imagine Aviator™

Deliver premium-quality AV across every screen. Extract maximum profit from broadcast and digital TV, and VOD content. Access your operations from anywhere. All from a single, ground-breaking cloud platform — Imagine Aviator™.

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Designing a Modern Production Facility Doesn’t Have to be a Science Project

Despite all the variables, designing a modern facility is no longer a science project. Future-focused media companies have cleared the path and can offer insight you need to make your move.

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ST 2110 Routing and Monitoring at NFL Hollywood Park

Allan Wollenstein and Charley Haggarty of NFL Media joined John Mailhot of Imagine Communication to discuss best practices when migrating to IP connectivity and how the NFL did their due diligence in determining what the right path was for them.

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Banking on the Cloud for Business Continuity and Revenue Protection

Natural and man made disasters or cyber threats can strike with little or no warning, and increasingly, media companies are moving to the security and assurance of cloud technology as an immediate, practical solution for business continuity.

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The Importance of Creating A Linear-Like Advertising Experience For Connected TV

Join Imagine Communications and AWS for an informative session on leveraging the business-driving power and potential of cloud-native architectures for broadcast and digital.

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SNP Tech Topic: SDI

Hear how the SNP is designed for both SDI and IP - providing a transparent, seamless bridge between the two domains, enabling media companies to maximize the life of their SDI investments and easing the transition to IP.

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Steve Reynolds talks ST 2110, cloud and working with the NFL Network

Steve Reynolds, President of Imagine Communications, speaks to SVG EU about the company’s focus for 2022, including how Imagine is supporting the industry’s move towards IP and the migration to cloud production.

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Magellan™ Control System

Imagine Communications delivers the fast, flexible, reliable control solution for the modern facility: The Magellan Control System.

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SNP Tech Topic: HDR

Discover in four-minutes the importance of the HDR signal for operators and how this technology is enhancing the experience for today’s media consumers.

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Meet Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP)

What can Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP) can do for you? Simple answer: Just about anything. Take a quick video tour and discover everything you need in a modern media processing platform.

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Connected TV World Summit 2021

In this session from Mediatel’s Connected TV World Summit, Imagine President Steve Reynolds joins Gert Marien from Proximus, Fahmeeda Cassim Surtee from DSTV Media Sales, and Charlie Glyn from Channel 4 to discuss Pay TV as the advanced advertising enabler.

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Top Media Industry Trends for 2022

Imagine Communications President Steve Reynolds shares his top media industry trends for 2022 and how Imagine is addressing them.

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Understanding Converged Selling: Emerging Strategies, Best Practices, New Solutions

Steve Reynolds, President, Imagine Communications, and other panelists examine emerging converged-selling strategies and best practices and identify the new technologies and solutions that enable them in this session from TVOT LIVE! 2022.

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Next Generation, Cloud Based Advertising Sales Inventory & Revenue Management

In this panel session, Imagine Communications’ Chief Product Officer Rob Malcolm sits down with Jeff Eales, to discuss lessons learned, and the challenges overcome that allows broadcasters to transform to a thriving future.

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ST 2110 Routing and Monitoring at Chase Center

Scott Heitman, Director, Scoreboard Operations – Golden State Warriors, and John Mailhot, CTO Networking & Infrastructure, Imagine Communications, discuss IP connectivity and how to future proof your venue with SMPTE ST 2110.

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The converged future of broadcast: A conversation with Imagine Communications President Steve Reynolds

On Episode 15 of the IBC Podcast, Steve Reynolds, President of Imagine Communications, speaks about where the broadcast industry is headed in 2022 and beyond.

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Imagine Communications & NEP: Unified UHD production for mixed SDR and HDR delivery

Episode 14 of the IBC Podcast, features a conversation between Malcolm Cowan, Head of Engineering and Technology, Broadcast and Media Services at NEP UK, and John Mailhot, CTO, Networking & Infrastructure for Imagine Communications on UHD and HDR production. 

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The 5 Steps To Transforming TV Ad Sales From Spot To Audience First

In this panel session, Imagine Communications’ Chief Product Officer Rob Malcolm sits down with Dataxis’ Guillaume Perrin, to discuss lessons learned, and the challenges overcome that allow broadcasters to transform to a thriving future.

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SNP Fall Update 2021

John Mailhot, CTO Networking & Infrastructure, introduces the newest features and additions in the latest update to the Selenio Network Processor.

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Your Audience, Your Money

In this panel session, Imagine Communications’ Senior VP, Product Management, Ad Tech, Brad Herman sits down with Hearst’s Al Lustgarten, Senior VP, Technology & Information Services, and Graham Media Group's Catherine Badalamente, VP & Chief Innovation Officer, to discuss lessons learned and opportunities of converged selling and platforms in the real world.

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Efficiencies Gained by Moving to IP

Chase Center, home for the Golden State Warriors, moved to IP connectivity to provide a future proof production platform for their venue. Scott Heitman, Director, Scoreboard Operations – Golden State Warriors, discusses the creative ways they are using their equipment and the efficiencies gained moving to IP.

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Make Life Easier and See Better Results with GamePlan

Join Imagine’s Graham Heap and Emma Quinn as they demonstrate and showcase our field-proven spot placement engine for linear TV, GamePlan. 

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Precision Time Protocol - Master Class Series

Learn more about PTP and how it's become a critical technology for Imagine Communications and our SMPTE ST 2110 solutions.

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Match Point - Sinclair's Tennis Channel Delivers a Win with Live Integration Cloud-Based Playout

Join Imagine's Michael Rebel and Sinclair Broadcast Group's Mike Kralec as they discuss cloud playout and how Sinclair went live to and from the cloud during coverage of the 2021 Miami Open in March.

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Audiences Are Consuming Media in New Ways – and ST 2110 Makes It Happen

Join Steve Reynolds as he talks to industry experts John Mailhot s and Cassidy Phillips, VP Solutions Architecture as they discuss why moving to IP connectivity provides a future proof production platform for any environment.

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Cassidy Phillips: The Move from SDI to IP is Easier than you Think! 

Learn how the Magellan Control System has revolutionized the production environment with instant updates and real-time routing views.

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The Technologies that Will Drive the TV of Tomorrow - and Those that Won’t

An attempt to predict which emerging technologies and platforms will have the biggest impact on television and video over the coming months and years, how, and why. 

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Devoncroft Executive Summit 2021

Imagine Communications is proud to be the 2021 Devoncroft Executive Summit title sponsor.  Watch the breakout sessions from this three day event, covering IP Infrastructure, Playout Solutions and Ad Tech.

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How to Catalyze Audience-Based Selling in the United States

We brought together representatives from international markets where audience-based selling is well established  in order to discuss what needs to happen in order for it to take off in the US.

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Moving Your Facility to IP? – It’s Easier Than You Think!

For the naysayers who think IP is still down the road, hear how Texas A&M ditched that mindset after looking closer at the technology that makes the move to IP possible today.

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Live Production – Imagine Has You Covered

Imagine’s John Mailhot and Cassidy Phillips discuss how UHD, HDR, SMPTE ST 2110, IP and a little SDI are essential in today’s Live Production environments and how the Selenio Network Processer provided a flexible approach for deployments that will take you into the future.

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Fiserv Forum - A look at ST and Remote Production 2110

Amidst the unpredictable circumstances of 2020, Fiserv was able to leverage IP and IT technologies to support remote production workflows and address rapidly changing needs.

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Live Production with COTS IP for Today and Tomorrow

Sports Stadiums, Arenas and Sports Networks are moving to IP and before you make your move - join Cassidy Phillips and his guest Ryan Morris as they provide an introduction to the do’s and don’ts of COTS IP.

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UHD/HDR Infrastructure: Lots of Ways to do it – Choose Wisely!

For starters, there are multiple ways to do it. In this info-packed IP Showcase session, Imagine’s John Mailhot explores the rapid evolution of UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) and shares best practices for building an engineer-friendly, future-proof UHD/HDR ecosystem.  

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Chase Center – One year in with SMPTE ST 2110

Chase Center, home for the Golden State Warriors, moved to IP connectivity to provide a future proof production platform for their venue. Scott Heitman, Director, Scoreboard Operations – Golden State Warriors, discusses how things are going one year in and the challenges they were able to overcome by moving to IP.

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Scoring with IP: Making Remote Production Infrastructure Play for Top-Flight Live Sports

Euro Media Group is transforming the face of live production with a modular approach to implementing standardized IP technology. 

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Sinclair Broadcast Group Puts Cloud Playout Through its Paces

Join us as we sit down with Mike Kralec from Sinclair Broadcast Group to hear how SBG put cloud-based tech through its paces during a migration of three emerging networks to AWS.

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A Snapshot of NMOS: Just the Facts, Please.

Contemplating a move to IP? You’ll want to add this four-letter word to your vocabulary. Join John Mailhot for a quick skill-up on NMOS ― the hardworking specs that could save you weeks on your IP deployment.

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IP Playout: NPC Media Proves Consolidation is Smart Business

Join us for a conversation with NPC Media’s Chris Howe on how moving to IP playout has enabled this Australian change-maker to pursue business-driving new ventures they would have had to say no to just a few years ago.

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Optimize Your Inventory: No System Overhaul Required

One-click inventory optimization without a system overhaul? That’s a reality. Get a behind-the-scenes look at who’s done it, how they did it, and what steps you can take to maximize the value of your own airtime inventory.

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Distance Learning at NC State: Is There Anything ST 2110 Can’t Do?

NC State University’s DELTA team shares their real-world experience of deploying a first-of-its-kind, ST 2110-based distributed campus system ― from migration decision drivers to day-in-the-life operator perspective.

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What to Expect from a Rights Management System

Join this business-driving webcast to learn how advances in rights management technology can help you limit waste, speed content distribution across platforms and maximize the value of your rights inventory.

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Buy & Sell-Side Automation 101: How to Knock Down Integration Barriers

Our partners at Innovar share their expertise in connecting buy- and sell-side operations via next-gen ad tech that automates pre-buy, media distribution and creative instructions to maximize revenue potential.

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NESN Navigates the Sports Pause and Gears Up for Game Day

Join us for a timely live interview with New England Sports Network (NESN) CTO Fahad Haider, who shares how his team navigated the pandemic-driven sports pause and continued gearing up for game day ― whenever it comes!

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Science Meets Reality: Has IP Officially Left the Lab?

Imagine’s IP Standards Guru, John Mailhot, and IP Road Warrior, Cassidy Phillips, kick off our Spring Symposium with a no-holds-barred discussion at the intersection of science and reality.

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Tales of Scale: Secrets to Successfully Scaling Any-size Playout Operation

Our panel has collectively spent decades supporting channel spin-ups ― from small to monster playout environments. They’ll share lessons learned and best practices for disaster recovery, IP, branding, and OTT.

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portatif of Steve Reynolds


Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds is President of Imagine Communications, a global leader in multiscreen video and ad management solutions that broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world rely on to support their mission-critical operations.

Steve brings 25 years of technology leadership in the video industry to Imagine Communications. He has served as the CTO at Imagine Communications and Harris Broadcast, Senior Vice President of Premises Technology at Comcast, Senior Vice President of Technology at OpenTV, and CTO at Intellocity USA.

Steve earned a MS in Computer Engineering from Widener University and BS in Computer Science from West Chester University. As the Chairman of the AIMS Alliance and a member of SMPTE and SCTE, he has participated in numerous standards-making bodies in the cable and digital video industries. Steve also holds over 40 patents relating to digital video, content security, interactive television and digital devices.