Snapshots of Global Innovation

Whether you’re considering adding UHD HDR to your production toolkit, spinning up a channel in the cloud, or making a move to audience-based ad sales, chances are good that you won’t be charting unknown territory.

Check out how innovative media companies around the world are using Imagine tech to reshape the way they make and monetize TV.  

NPC Media Transforms Single-station Facility into Multi-tenanted, IP Playout Center

With the transformation of a single-station facility to a multi-tenanted, IP-based managed media services provider to the broadcast industry, NPC Media has taken a bold step that will enable them to adapt faster and more accurately to changing market demands.

lit up map of Australia
inside the operations of the Global Production OB truck
Global Production Supports 30 Full 4K Cameras in a Single OB Van

Italy’s Global Production drove its new hybrid SDI-IP UHD truck into the winner’s circle during a color shoot-out at Monza, delivering the most accurate rendition of Ferrari’s trademark red.

BBC Studioworks Readies Iconic Television Centre for IP, UHD and HDR

A hybrid SDI-IP routing and control foundation at London’s iconic Television Centre provides BBC Studioworks with a seamless path to IP-based production, UHD and HDR.

man sits at his desk editing video on dual monitors
V!dee OBX Truch at IBC "The Future is Now"
Videe OBX: Experience the Future of Outside Broadcast

Step inside the brand-new, Imagine-equipped Videe OBX — one of Europe’s largest and most pioneering UHD OB trucks.  

TV Azteca Maximizes Legacy Equipment while Shifting to All-IP

One of Mexico’s leading broadcasters, TV Azteca, is extending the life of legacy equipment to drive 120 channels today, while making a gradual shift to full IP and cloud-based operations.

broadcast switch panel, a tv in the background with a colour test pattern
"Best of Digital. Best of TV."
Nine Network Heads Toward a Platform-Agnostic Ad Trading Future

Australia’s leading free-to-air broadcaster, Nine Network, helped media agencies remove 80 percent of the workload associated with trading TV by moving toward audience-based buying.

Sky UK Migrates to IP Monitoring & Control and Virtualized Playout

Europe’s leading entertainment company, Sky UK, transformed the way its operators monitor and control hundreds of channels by migrating to IP and virtualizing its two playout centers.

Sky logo over a photo of their control booth with many many mutliviewers
OB truck
tpc Rolls Out ST 2110 Full-IP Uncompressed UHD HDR OB Truck

When tpc’s UHD1 hit the road, this leading Swiss service provider became the first to broadcast a live sports event from a SMPTE ST 2110, full-IP, uncompressed UHD HDR OB truck.

VICE Media Becomes One of First News Organizations to Go Pure-IP

The world's largest independent youth media company became one of the first news organizations to go pure-IP when VICE Media built their next-gen New York-based production center.

three newsroom cameras
Satellite Dish and a view of the city
Sinclair Broadcast Group Delivers Programming from Public Cloud

Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) cost-effectively launched and operated a national service delivering programming only a few hours a day by taking a public cloud approach to content origination.

Touring Video Drives Flagship Production Truck into UHD/4K Future

Premier mobile production company, Touring Video, gained a competitive edge by upgrading its flagship truck for UHD/4K production — without making a major equipment investment.

the outside of the TV truck, at a trade show
many many screens of multiviewers
Sky Italia Move Toward Fully Virtualized Audio/Video Routing Ecosystem

Italy’s largest Pay-TV operator, Sky Italia, went hybrid SDI-IP to enable efficient, centralized monitoring of multiple sites and begin a disruption-free, managed transition to an all-IP infrastructure.

Al Rayyan Takes Step Toward Cloud-Based Playout and All-IP Future

Middle East broadcaster Al Rayyan used Imagine playout technology to implement cloud-based disaster recovery — and reduced annual distribution costs by 85% in the process.

Middle Eastern Emirati Man in traditional clothing called kandura is standing on terrace in Dubai Marina and checking his mobile
sports broadcast studio, two commentators sitting at the desk
TVG Achieves Error-free Operations by Automating Horseracing Network

America’s national horse racing network overhauled its entire operation to better utilize its massive video vault and provide viewers with an “as-if-you-were-there” experience.