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Zenium™ is the industry’s only cloud-native microservices platform, designed to revolutionize how workflows and networks are architected, implemented and managed. Its open, component-based architecture provides an agile technology foundation optimized for today’s digital economy.

A groundbreaking approach to technical adoption, Zenium enables media organizations to easily create custom solutions, adapt more quickly to market dynamics and deploy new services with unparalleled speed, reliability and flexibility.

Today, through its Open Zenium initiative, Imagine is putting the power of this pure microservices technology into the hands of its customers and partners, enabling media companies of all sizes to unleash their revenue-generating potential and continuously reside on the cutting edge.

Zenium™ Master Class

Become a microservices expert in 30 minutes. This fast-paced master class presents real-world use cases of microservices-based media applications and practical, how-to instruction on these game-changing software-based building blocks.

SelenioFlex™ File powered by Zenium™

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Zenium™ Benefits

  • Create custom solutions with ease
  • Upgrade in-field to new formats and features
  • Evolve as the industry changes — with no stranded investments
  • Transition seamlessly to IP, COTS and the Cloud
  • Respond to market dynamics more quickly
  • Accelerate the launch of new services
  • Scale dynamically to meet business requirements
  • Reduce opex by deploying what you need, when you need it

Break free from the old paradigm.

The traditional way of designing and deploying products is no longer fast enough or flexible enough in today’s rapidly evolving market. Keeping pace requires choosing a technology partner that can help you build a world-class operation with software-defined workflows and a modular approach to technology that can continually and easily adapt to meet the needs of your business.

With our pioneering Zenium platform, Imagine Communications is that partner.

SelenioFlex™ File powered by Zenium™

The Zenium™ Advantage

As the industry continues to experience unprecedented velocity of change — from new players and business models to new formats like HDR, HEVC and SMPTE 2022 — a media organization’s ability to quickly integrate new technologies and respond to market dynamics is critical to continued success.

Zenium obliterates the traditional complexity of introducing new services by creating an ecosystem of microservices that are portable, scalable, adaptable and reusable. Built on optimized software, these microservices ensure that each function is of the highest quality and can be deployed quickly, efficiently and with low overhead.

No longer are media operations stuck with a single-task product or relegated to forklift upgrades. With products that are Powered by Zenium™, individual functions are modular and licensable. If you want to do something new, simply field-upgrade to new formats or features — with no hardware replacement and no interruption to mission-critical services. Zenium-powered products scale dynamically, easily update as new technology becomes available, and are seamlessly portable between environments, from appliance to datacenter to cloud.



Location Independence

Faster Path to IP

Dynamically Scale
to Meet Needs

Future-Proofing with
Component Architecture

Virtual Resources

Fast Launch of
New Services

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