xG Live Log™

Frame Accuracy ROI Calculator

xG Live Log™ allows a traffic system to create frame-accurate playlists based on timings from automation. With frame-accurate timing, additional avails can be found when gaps are identified between hard-start events on the playlist, creating the potential to drive new revenue through better utilization of seconds/frames.

Use this Frame Accuracy ROI calculator to discover how recapturing frames from under-timed commercial content can increase revenue and save you money.

Enter Your Values:

To keep things simple, we estimated approximately 37 commercials in an average hour
Based on estimates above, how many extra seconds you have available per hour
How many extra seconds gained in 1 day
In 1 day, this is how many 15-second spots could be created out of extra frames

Total additional spot revenue created:

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Note: All numbers are estimates designed to illustrate how recapturing time can drive new revenue. Your actual results may vary.