Virtualized Master Control

  • Consolidate, streamline and create consistent workflows across teams
  • Reduce / simplify multi-location operations
  • Reduce equipment CAPEX
  • Adjust operation needs on demand
  • Launch channels in minutes as opposed to weeks

Cloud-based applications awareness and mindshare is growing with media companies as they manage pressures to add more channels and reduce costs – with the same or fewer resources.  Geographically dispersed operations have added complexity and cost to managing regional, national, and international operations. 

Virtualized Master Control is intelligent channel playout, incorporating all aspects of channel production as a fully virtualized solution.  Completely platform agnostic, it can be deployed on hardware and/or hosted in a public or private data center.

With Virtualized Master Control, media companies can manage their channel operations virtually over private or public clouds — quickly reach new markets, introduce new channels, flex between CAPEX and OPEX business models and effortlessly scale to realize new levels of profitability.

It simplifies and reduces necessary infrastructure but it also provides a streamlined user experience, by collapsing interfaces for channel management into an ergonomic, unified master control surface. 

Virtualized Master Control

This revolutionary platform not only integrates all traditional playout functions into the cloud, but it also delivers innovative software control, processing and compression solutions to provide a seamless on-ramp and off-ramp between IP and baseband transport.  By enabling a hybrid playout environment that uses the same software for on premise or cloud-based implementations, Imagine Communications has made it possible for media companies to maximize existing investments while making a gradual, disruption-free transition to a completely Virtualized Master Control.