Content Management

In today’s consumer-driven market, media organizations are challenged with managing an unprecedented volume of content — often with sparse budget and thinly spread staff. Add the complexity of juggling multiple formats, channels and distribution methods, and it is not surprising that it often requires twice as much work to achieve even a modest increase in revenue.


  • Centralize operations to do more with optimal resource usage
  • Shorten workflows from weeks to days
  • Increase throughput without increasing costs
  • Ensure today’s investment supports tomorrow’s business

Centralize and Simplify

Imagine Communications content management solutions enable creators and owners to centralize and simplify the entire content lifecycle, making it more profitable to support multiple delivery platforms.  Our broad suite of powerful, user-friendly software solutions allows you to efficiently ingest, edit, catalog, store, retrieve, move and distribute digital assets — all within the unique workflow of your organization.

Leverage Your Digital Assets

With Imagine Communications content management solutions, valuable digital assets are securely stored, instantly accessible and easily repurposed for various media outlets. Bandwidth and storage evolve as fast as your business. And non-value add processes are automated — freeing up staff to focus on creating compelling content and delivering a high-quality viewer experience.