Channel Launch

  • Accelerate the deployment of new linear and multiscreen channels
  • Enable the flexible transition from premises to cloud-based playout
  • Boost revenue via hyper-localized and even personalized content and advertising
  • Eliminate costly dependence on physical playout facilities
  • Streamline operations across diverse geographies by centralizing master control
  • Modify existing operating models easily as business requirements change
  • Reduce business-continuity risks by providing global support for disaster recovery

As video content and consumption options continue to proliferate and viewership becomes increasingly disaggregated, the ability of media companies to quickly and cost effectively turn up new channels is critical to keeping pace with accelerating change.  The days of a single, over-the-air channel might be a relic of simpler times, but does this new age of channel launch have to be so complex?

Playout solutions have traditionally relied on an intricate mix of discrete hardware and software systems, with each piece — automation, graphics, branding, file servers, storage, and master control —assigned its respective function. While this proven playout infrastructure still gets the job done in media facilities around the world every day, the cost and complexity of unifying multiple disparate products made the advent of integrated playout solutions a welcome innovation.

The plug-and-play capability of integrated playout systems has given the industry an easier and faster platform for launching channels, but even this recent generation of technology is dependent upon physical, on-premises equipment that limits its flexibility.  At Imagine Communications, our vision has accelerated us beyond simply delivering the next generation of integrated playout — to delivering an all-new foundation for how broadcast programming will be made, moved and monetized. 

With the introduction of our groundbreaking, fully IP-enabled integrated Versio™, media companies can now, for the first time, manage their entire video channel operation virtually over private or public clouds — to quickly reach new markets, introduce new channels, flex between CAPEX and OPEX business models and effortlessly scale to realize new levels of profitability.

This pioneering platform not only integrates all traditional playout functions into the cloud, but it also delivers innovative software control, processing and compression solutions to provide a seamless on-ramp and off-ramp between IP and baseband transport. By enabling a hybridized playout environment that uses the same software for premises or cloud-based implementations, Imagine Communications has made it possible for media companies to maximize existing investments while making a gradual, disruption-free transition to the future of channel launch.