Multiscreen Delivery

Dynamic Ad Insertion

  • Opens new content monetization opportunities and unlocks TVE/OTT/cloud DVR inventory
  • Ensures ads are never stale and always billable, while eliminating repetition
  • Enables high-value, customer-relevant, narrowcast or unicast advertising
  • Delivers targeted ads and blackout in linear, VOD and cloud DVR
  • Allows comprehensive, end-to-end linear and nonlinear/OTT campaign management
  • Integrates with business rules to ensure compliance with advertiser requirements
  • Eliminates susceptibility to click fraud and analytics spoofing
  • Delivers industry’s most scalable solution - nearly 1 million sessions per blade chassis!

The surge in consumer demand for anytime/anywhere content and the accompanying requirement to allocate ad inventory across multiple screens is challenging content creators and distributors to maximize their monetization of content with fresh and relevant embedded advertising and interstitial content.

For example, ads in time-shifted consumer applications such as cloud DVR (cDVR) are often run after expiration, resulting in no payment from advertisers. In other streaming environments, ads can be repetitive and stale, devaluing the content. Many ads are played out based on predefined playlists, rather than dynamically chosen to ensure placement of the best ad for a particular time slot or content type.

In linear environments, ads are frequently broadcast broadly to audiences, diluting the value of ad placements due to the lack of effective targeting.  In addition, advertising management campaigns and processes between linear and nonlinear/online businesses are often uncoordinated and duplicative, resulting in disgruntled advertisers.

Imagine Communications’ Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution allows cable MSOs, broadcasters, mobile operators, telcos and satellite providers to maximize advertising revenue from linear and on demand multiscreen advertising.  Suited to a host of content distribution environments, DAI can be used across a variety of service offerings, including video streaming from any Internet-centric or on-demand source, integrated linear/nonlinear operations, and in Imagine Communications’ DVR and other cloud DVR or time-shifted content applications. 

Dynamic Ad Insertion provides an integrated dynamic advertising ecosystem by combining Imagine Communications’ xG AIM™, xG ADS™, xG POIS™, and xG ADR™ products. Standards-based and network-proven in live deployments, the Dynamic Ad Insertion solution offers a distributed architecture for independent scaling and redundancy. Manifest manipulation is made possible across all event types, including live, VOD, pre-record DVR, hot-record DVR, and blackouts. In addition, state-of-the-art campaign management and analytics tools ensure maximum value for all ad placements.