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Today’s anytime/anywhere multiscreen world is challenging venue operators to rethink their live production infrastructure to ensure that the fan experience is worth the trip to the stadium. 

At Imagine Communications, our state-of-the-art technology has helped stage the most iconic sports and live events for decades — from robust control room solutions that ensure no game-time downtime, to venue signage solutions that enhance the fan experience from the seats to the suites.  Today, our collaboration with EVS has created an integrated, end-to-end solution that drives all-new efficiencies and monetization opportunities, while keeping fans running to the box office.

Imagine and EVS have collaborated to deliver the ultimate venue experience. Unified Venue unites the live production Control Room with the unique Fan Engagement solution, creating a next-generation solution that enables new monetization opportunities and operator efficiencies.  Leveraging traditional, IP, or hybrid infrastructures, Unified Venue enables any live or previously captured asset to be enriched or made available for instant sharing anywhere in the venue — from large screen to in-suite screen to mobile device.

Imagine and EVS have collaborated to provide a seamlessly integrated control room solution designed to optimize current and future venue broadcasting capabilities.  State-of-the-art features include IP and UHD-ready technology and architecture, software-based solutions with simplified configurations, and smart integration between products, which reduces router port count and network bandwidth requirements and drives operational efficiencies.

Design Considerations for Delivering the Ultimate Venue Experience

Monetization Opportunities

Monetize your production assets by deploying next-gen technology to turn your control room into a content creation source for any-screen, in-venue OTT delivery of advertising and value-added content linked to sponsorship activity.

Future-proof Signal and Platform Management

Make a self-paced transition to a revenue-generating all-IP future by deploying the latest standards-based technologies to ensure future-proof, interoperable workflows and seamless support for UHD and hybrid SDI-IP infrastructures.

IP-based Live Storytelling Production

Leverage standards-based (SMPTE 2022-6/7, 2110, TR03/04) IP and cloud-enabled production tools that enable live content to be enriched and shared instantly between operators and other stakeholders wherever they are located — in venue and beyond.

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Remote Production

Enable agile, virtualized productions by using IP-based technology to connect on-site cameras and a centralized remote facility; save IP bandwidth and router port counts via tight metadata integration between replay server and monitoring platforms.

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