Advertising Management

Programming & Rights

  • Maximize the value of content assets with dynamic decision-making tools and intelligent repurposing
  • Equip advertising sales with the right inventory, aligned with ad sales activities
  • Reduce costs by acquiring the right assets at the right time, and avoiding unused runs
  • Prevent program rights infringement, and account for every asset
  • Enhance revenue optimization with real-time reporting and performance management
  • Integrate rights functionality easily with your sales, traffic and media management systems

Program content comes from a variety of sources — from television and movie studios, to independent producers and program syndicators — and ranges from smaller contracts to multiyear, multimillion dollar contracts for popular sporting events and major motion pictures. With content delivery platforms expanding beyond traditional linear television into IPTV, mobile, on-demand (VOD) and web, broadcasters are able to further engage audiences and enhance viewer relationships. But to maximize revenues while complying with contractual and regulatory obligations, media companies need a flexible, comprehensive rights and scheduling system.

Opportunity, Immediacy and Value

Imagine Communications programming and rights management software enables financial and programming executives to improve asset performance for their companies. Our powerful tools help manage the uniqueness of various acquired program rights and the underlying economics of a program, evaluate appropriate amortization models, and ensure that programs are scheduled to achieve maximum sales effectiveness.

Better Planning, Better Sales

Using rights management software from Imagine Communications, you can optimize revenue by knowing what rights are available, when and how to exploit them, and over which territories and platforms. Leverage real-time business analytics to reduce risk, minimize cost and manage cash flow. Remove operational silos and facilitate organizational and operational efficiency with an intelligent, integrated workflow that synchronizes your IT, sales, finance, and legal teams. And easily track and maximize the value of intricate contracts that define both the creation and distribution of intellectual property, media content, and other forms of media assets.