Advertising Management

Live Log

  • Instant bidirectional communication reduces errors
  • Proactive schedule management eliminates lost revenue opportunities
  • Last-minute ad placement drives growth
  • Faster, smarter workflow lets you do more with less
  • Automated updates allow staff to focus on high-value activities
  • Compatible with all Imagine Communications and BXF-compliant third-party traffic, automation and media management systems

Business systems such as scheduling and traffic systems have historically run in isolation, with master control operators simply relying on “best-available” information to output data to drive downstream operations including ingest and playout automation. With business and on-air operations functioning in silos, mistakes are inevitably made. The result is an inefficient, largely reactive operation, risking advertising revenue losses.


Imagine Communications eliminates these functional silos using a modular approach that seamlessly integrates content management, automation and workflow tools with business systems. The unified, standards-based environment allows all systems to accurately reflect content status, time code and metadata — minimizing mistakes and driving efficiency. Logs can be timed with frame accuracy to drive additional revenue and avoid awkward content transitions. The traffic schedule communicates bidirectionally with a running playlist, allowing changes to be made to the log minutes before airtime. (As-run reconciliation is managed directly with the originating traffic system).


This integrated back-office/front-of-plant environment is particularly beneficial when it comes to monetizing content across multiple platforms. Creating many formats with individual platform specifications makes it almost impossible to manually check all the derivatives. Using the schedule playlist and metadata published from the business systems, you can confidently automate the content delivery process — maximizing revenue opportunities and driving down cost.