Advertising Management

Dynamic Ad Insertion

  • Delivery of ads to multiscreen/OTT and Broadcast clients from a single, unified video processing and ad management ecosystem
  • Simplified operations and cost savings by eliminating separate ad delivery silos
  • Support for Ad Insertion, Blackout, Content Regionalization, and SimSub across linear, cDVR, and VOD use-cases
  • Broad support for devices and formats, including HLS, DASH, and Smooth Streaming
  • Targeting by region, zone, audience segment, or user
  • Rich telemetry for operational monitoring
  • Broadcast Quality-of-Experience across all screens
  • Server-side reporting with client-side accuracy to eliminate click-fraud and spoofing, as well as client-side beacon pass-through
  • Support for self-managed and programmatic campaigns, reporting, and billing, as well as ad preparation
  • Multiple ecosystem partners for ad decisioning, ad preparation, and placement rights
  • Highly scalable software solution with on-prem and cloud options
  • Aggregation of VAST beacons and SCTE-130 PSNs

Imagine Communications’ Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solution allows cable MSOs, broadcasters, mobile operators, telcos and OTT service providers to maximize advertising revenue from linear and on-demand multiscreen and broadcast advertising.  As the industry’s first and most feature-rich manifest manipulation solution, it is suited to a host of content distribution environments and can be used across a variety of service offerings, including video streaming from any Internet-centric or on-demand source, integrated linear/nonlinear operations, and in cloud DVR or time-shifted content applications. 

The DAI solution provides an integrated dynamic advertising ecosystem by combining Imagine Communications’ xG AIM™, xG ADS™xG POIS™, xG VDE™ and xG ADR™ products. Standards-based and network-proven in live deployments, Imagine’s DAI solution offers a distributed architecture for independent scaling and redundancy. Manifest manipulation is made possible across all event types and use-cases, including linear TV, VOD, pre-record DVR, hot-record DVR, and blackouts. In addition, state-of-the-art third-party campaign management and analytics tools ensure maximum value for all ad placements.



By combining the xG AIM manifest manipulation solution with Imagine’s xG VDE™ HTTP-to-UDP gateway, the same video processing and ad management system used for multiscreen/OTT delivery can be leveraged to deliver local or regionalized content and ads to broadcast devices. The resulting solution leads to operational simplification, better quality of experience, and massive cost savings, as well as a forward-looking, extensible architecture based on fragmented video.

xG GamPlan and xG Scorecard


Integration between xG ADS™ and Imagine’s xG GamePlan™ inventory optimization tool, allows service providers to optimize campaigns and maximize inventory value. These optimized campaigns are then fed into xG ADS for ad decisioning across OTT/multicast screens. As-run reports gathered by the ADS can be fed back to xG GamePlan with almost-real-time re-optimization, leading to significant revenue uplifts.

Integration with Imagine’s xG Scorecard™ business intelligence suite of tools allows operators to view consolidated data across systems to uncover in seconds information that has previously taken days or weeks to compile: CRM, traffic, accounting, ratings, social, etc.,  can all be easily analyzed to drive profitability, as well as workflow and operational efficiency.