Advertising Management

Advanced Advertising

  • Consolidated, simplified workflow improves efficiency
  • Enhanced ad placement enables new revenue generation
  • Simplified management of platforms drives consolidated revenue management
  • Analytics delivers actionable information for a competitive edge

With new channels, web video and multimedia services, media companies must find ways to efficiently monetize viewership and embrace new revenue models, including interactive, targeted and addressable advertising.  When advertising is personalized, studies have shown higher tune-in rates of 20-40%, and targeting drives higher revenue multiples per spot – allowing delivery to advertisers all of the reach without the waste.


It is critical to seize the opportunity presented by advanced advertising without disrupting your day-to-day operation, but disparate technologies make taking advantage of these models difficult.  Cracking the code to make new advertising models a stable, efficient, profitable part of your business is key. Imagine Communications' media sales and content management products provide programming scheduling, traffic and billing functionality for managing traditional linear, Internet, streaming and nonlinear viewership for platform providers, cable networks and broadcasters.


Using rights management software from Imagine Communications, you can optimize revenue by knowing what rights are available, when and how to exploit them, and over which territories and platforms. Leverage real-time business analytics to reduce risk, minimize cost and manage cash flow. Remove operational silos and facilitate organizational and operational efficiency with an intelligent, integrated workflow that synchronizes your IT, sales, finance, and legal teams. And easily track and maximize the value of intricate contracts that define both the creation and distribution of intellectual property, media content, and other forms of media assets.