Fast-track time to revenue.

The days of a single over-the-air channel are long behind us. Media companies are under constant pressure to spin up new channels for multiple platforms — and fast-track time to revenue.

Efficiently reaching a fragmented, anywhere/anytime audience requires rethinking the way you do playout. We’ve got some thoughts on the subject: unified channel origination.

With our software-based solutions, you can operate a single playout environment to generate content for broadcast, OTT, linear, nonlinear, mobile, or any other platform — and tailor a personalized experience to the audience you’re trying to aggregate and engage.

Automation, Control & Orchestration

Automation in a channel origination environment is key to efficiently maximizing the value of media assets. From acquisition to distribution, the seamless management of assets enables media operations to quickly and cost-effectively find and repurpose content for delivery across multiple device screens. Imagine’s modular, scalable and highly reliable playout and enterprise automation systems operate on generic IT hardware or in a virtualized environment, offering versatile options for any workflow. And our powerful control and monitoring solutions ensure that orchestration of your end-to-end hybrid SDI/IP or all-IP channel origination workflow will be streamlined and seamless.

7 Products
thumbnail of the MSNDO software
Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator
thumbnail of the MCP hardware
Magellan™ Control Panels
thumbnail of the Magellan NMS software
Magellan™ Network Management System
thumbnail of the ADC software
thumbnail of the D-Series software
thumbnail of the Versio Automation software
Versio™ Automation
thumbnail of the Versio MCP software
Versio™ Master Control
Content Delivery

At home or on the road, linear or nonlinear, on a large screen or on their phone — wherever and however consumers choose to watch — they expect a familiar, high-quality experience. Imagine’s channel origination solutions enable broadcast operations to simplify delivery of valuable content and enable fast channel creation to deliver seasonal or demographic-specific content, or one-time special events. And MVPDs can leverage our solutions to improve the efficiency and revenue-generating potential of video delivery and ad insertion infrastructures, while paving the way for the transition of operations to a fully virtualized environment.

5 Products
thumbnail of the IOX gen10 hardware
Nexio+™ AMP®
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thumbnail of the Selenio MCP (rear view of the box)
Selenio™ Media Convergence Platform (MCP)
thumbnail of the different applications that belong with Versio Modular Playout
Versio™ Modular Playout
thumbnail of the SelenioFlex File software
SelenioFlex™ File
Content Management

In our consumer-driven market, media companies are challenged with managing an unprecedented volume of content. This drives the need for highly efficient content management solutions to centralize and simplify the entire content lifecycle — and make it profitable to support multiple delivery platforms. Imagine’s content management solutions are designed to fit within your organization’s unique workflow, ensuring valuable digital assets are properly cataloged, securely stored, instantly accessible, and easily repurposed for various outlets. And to ensure bandwidth and storage never pose a problem, our scalable solutions evolve as quickly as your business.

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thumbnail of the IOX gen10 hardware (showing two sizes of boxes)
Versio™ IOX
thumbnail of the Versio Content Portal software
Versio™ Content Portal
thumbnail of the Nexio Motion software
Nexio® Motion™
Content Production

Content producers and owners are continually engaged in creating compelling original content or working to maximize existing content. In addition, media companies are always looking to expand their brands and forge new business relationships with providers. Our dynamic ingest and graphics solutions make it easier to prep and prioritize content for new platforms, make changes to graphics — even while on-air — add real-time tags, including content triggering, and archive valuable programming for possible use in the future.

3 Products
thumbnail of the Versio Ingest software
Versio™ Ingest
thumbnail of the IOX gen10 hardware
Nexio+™ AMP®
thumbnail of the Versio Graphics software
Versio™ Graphics

The multiviewer is an essential part of channel origination, helping staff monitor the multiple signal types inherent in a dynamic workflow. Playout and multichannel monitoring in today’s complex environments requires multiviewers to display more telemetry on the screen, as well as handle more data integration, captions and subtitles, and sophisticated alarm scenarios. From a versatile SDI/IP, UHD-ready, microservices-based multiviewer, to a scalable, high-density, router-integrated option, Imagine offers a monitoring solution well-suited to any channel origination environment — simplifying operations while delivering all-important system-wide visibility.

2 Products
thumbnail of the Epic MV hardware
Platinum™ SX Pro

Managing an end-to-end channel origination environment requires flexible and reliable processing solutions to support content from multiple sources, handle various signal types, files, and formats, and help deliver content over multiple platforms. Imagine’s well-established modular solutions simplify multichannel video and audio processing, distribution and compression. Our leading-edge, standards-based IP processing platform supports format resolutions up to UHD-HDR and enables you to seamlessly transition from SDI to all-IP networks. With our high-performance, easy-to-operate processing solutions, you can streamline your operations and focus on the business of generating content.

4 Products
thumbnail of the SNP hardware
Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP)
thumbnail of the 6800 hardware
Selenio 6800+™ Frame
thumbnail of the Selenio MCP (rear view of the box)
Selenio™ Media Convergence Platform (MCP)
thumbnail of the X100 hardware
Selenio X100™

Routers have long been the core of playout centers, responsible for managing the input and output of a multitude of signals. From compact, reliable SDI systems to enterprise solutions for today’s hybrid SDI/IP or all-IP environments, Imagine has field-proven routers to meet your specific requirements. In hybrid environments, our software control system supports seamless switching — whether through the router or an IP switch. Our flagship router allows operators in channel origination facilities to switch uncompressed video over IP. Its internal multiviewer takes advantage of multiplexed IP streams to monitor hundreds of PiPs over hundreds of displays, enabling you to change your monitor stacks to meet varying requirements.

3 Products
thumbnail of the Platinum VX hardware
Platinum™ VX
thumbnail of the Platinum IP3 hardware
Platinum™ IP3
thumbnail of the Platinum MX hardware
Platinum™ MX

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Platform.

tech inserting a hard disk drive into a rack-mounted server

The consumer demand for “anytime, anywhere, any platform” access means broadcasters and content originators must re-invent their business models and embrace new ways to manage and repurpose media. With our customizable solutions, you can speedily launch new channels, reinforce brand identity, target content to your intended audience, and harness the power of media asset management and archiving to optimize the value of your content. Explore the possibilities — deliver your content effectively over multiple platforms, from digital terrestrial TV to cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT, and embrace new ad revenue opportunities in the linear/nonlinear TV viewing world.

several blue network cables, and one pink network cable going into a hardware switch
There’s no “right” way to get to IP.  

Explore solutions and strategies that let you transition at the pace that works with your business.