Maximize ad spend in a multiplatform world

In today’s fast-moving and fragmented media industry, fighting for advertiser share of wallet requires rethinking the way you make money. At Imagine, we can help you monetize your potential, minimize costs, and easily evolve with changes in your business and the industry.

Transition to audience-based media buying at your own pace. Plan, execute and measure cross-platform campaigns. Optimize inventory for most efficient yield.  Imagine Ad Management solutions make it easier to maximize ad spend in a multiplatform world.


Our media-centric billing system streamlines multiplatform financial operations, delivering increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction, while also laying the groundwork for growth. By synchronizing multiple systems into a single view, this enterprise software system provides full visibility to your business, enabling you to assess customer performance, drive revenue and rapidly respond to changing customer needs.

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Thumbnail of xG Finance Software

xG Finance

Integrating Imagine optimization processes into your advertising workflow brings improved efficiency to spot- and audience-based campaigns and more options for targeting the right viewers with the right ads. Reach target goals with less inventory by planning even last-minute campaigns simply, accurately and effectively to ensure all opportunities are monetized without over-delivery.

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xG GamePlan
Reporting & Analytics

Our robust analytics software gathers relevant data across all aspects of sales, traffic, operations and finance, and helps you drill down to discover the “why” behind the numbers. Combine multiple sources and present data clearly, with powerful data visualization, data mining and predictive business intelligence tools that bring your business the insights necessary to maximize revenue while minimizing costs.

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xG Scorecard
Rights & Scheduling

From acquisition and planning to distribution and finance, Imagine has a powerful solution ready to meet your programming and rights management needs. Our rights management and scheduling products help you achieve the maximum value of your program inventory, with interoperable applications that deliver a complete set of tools to streamline contract maintenance, manage complex licensing terms for linear and nonlinear media, and track payments.

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Thumbnail of the Landmark Rights & Scheduling dashboard

Landmark Rights & Scheduling

Our media sales solutions enable you to efficiently manage the complete advertising lifecycle from initial proposal to final booking, providing powerful tools for strategic revenue optimization, inventory management and pricing. Offering impression-based, spot-based and hybrid selling options, Imagine helps global broadcasters and MVPDs create and deliver efficient ad sales campaigns across platforms.

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thumbnail of Landmark Sales on a tablet

Thumbnail of Landmark Sales on a tablet

Landmark Sales
thumbnail of the Landmark OSI Sales / Ad Connections software

Thumbnail of the Landmark OSI Sales / Ad Connections software


Our powerful, easy-to-use traffic systems enable you to efficiently manage single and multichannel environments, multimedia and multiple platforms. To maximize revenue, real-time interactive reporting enables you to make faster, smarter decisions by providing centralized visibility into your entire business, while seamless integration across sales, traffic, playout and financial systems drives workflow efficiency.

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thumbnail of the xG LInear software

Thumbnail of the xG LInear software

xG Linear
thumbnail of the BCM software

Thumbnail of the BCM software

Broadcast Master
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Composite of screens showing different visuals

LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing

Increase Revenue. Realize Operational Savings.

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As streaming, digital programmatic, and advanced advertising upend video distribution models, many local broadcasters still find themselves stuck selling “the spot.” Broadcasters are in danger of being left behind as next-gen ad strategies are deployed all around them. Audience-based approaches offer broadcasters more flexibility in which programs are leveraged to deliver an audience and continuously optimizes inventory.   

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Increasing revenue and maximizing the value of your inventory should be where you focus — use this ad speak cheat sheet to impress your colleagues with your next-gen nomenclature!