Professional Services

Professional Services

MyImagine Professional Services is a comprehensive end-to-end set of services designed to ensure a successful solution deployment. Our approach starts at the business planning phase and continues through technical requirements, commissioning and system optimization.

Leveraging new technologies comes with challenges. Any media company, broadcaster or operator is faced with the dilemma of keeping costs low, while also providing new functionality, higher availability and a better end user experience. MyImagine Professional Services can help you transform, upgrade or optimize your technology and your business while reducing risk in the process.

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Professional Services
Throughout the Project Lifecycle


Business Consulting

MyImagine Professional Services offers unique business consulting expertise to help you plot a path forward by looking not only at the technology, but also at the business requirements. Our global team of experts has decades of experience in media, advertising services, broadcasting and operations and can examine your workflows, processes and goals to set a transformative path. MyImagine Professional Services offers introductory services to get you started with our consultants, without an obligation for larger investments.

Leveraging more than 2500 years
of combined experience

More than 170 experts in 19 countries
supporting your global needs



Technical Design and Architecture

The MyImagine Professional Services solution architects are world-class industry experts across the entire technology domain, from routing and processing to automation and asset management. When planning for large technology transformations, leveraging our technical design and architecture practices can ensure that all of the technical requirements and assumptions are known upfront. In addition, we can marry the requirements with the capabilities of Imagine Communications technology and third-party providers to set a technical design that reduces risk while maximizing the impact of the investment.

Project Management and Commissioning

Imagine Communications brings unique and robust professional services experience to your project. With the successful execution of more than 500 projects a year and a global professional services organization exceeding 170 people, Imagine Communications brings both the scale and the depth necessary to manage any project, from the smallest to some of the largest in the world. The team has the skill set to successfully manage all aspects of the project using our end-to-end methodology.




The MyImagine Academy offers world-class training in seven classrooms around the globe to enhance your team’s skills in the technologies and solutions that you are implementing. Our flexible scheduling and online calendars make planning a breeze and take the worry out of the operational learning curve that comes with any technology transition.

Optimization Services

While many vendors deploy your technology, only Imagine has the capability, skillset and proven programs to return and help your team optimize a deployment to insure you get the full value of your investment on Day 1, Day 100, or Day 1000. We have made the skills of our solution architects and business analysts available to our clients months after a deployment is finished. Our experts will review the performance of the systems and identify ways to optimize or leverage the technology further. This approach ensures that you maximize the return on any asset that you integrate into your infrastructure.