Customer Care

Long-Term Support

Milestone3 6 Months
End of
End of
Year 1
End of
Year 3
End of
Year 4
End of
Year 5
End-of-Sales Announcement1 X          
Last day to order the product
Start of post end-of-sale support (PESS)

Last day to commission/deploy

Last day for new service contracts     X      
End of software support
(No new defect resolution)
End of billable RMA
(No hardware RMA w/o a pre-existing contract)
Existing contracts may not be renewed depending on availability.
Last day to renew support contracts2         X  
End of manufacturer support           X
Start of extended support (if offered)
(Support on an as-available basis with no new software support)
  1. All dates based on end-of-sale date. Example: If end-of-sale was July 1, 2015 then end-of-year 1 would be July 1, 2016.
  2. A lapse in support contract will not be considered a renewal and catch-up fees will be necessary.
  3. All dates are target timeframes and Imagine Communications reserves the right to reduce or extend this timeframe to address business or market conditions.



End of Sale (EOS)

  • End-of-Sale (EOS) is the date after which a product is no longer available for purchase from Imagine Communications or its worldwide subsidiaries, affiliates, authorized resellers, and distributors.
  • Imagine Communications will generally announce an End-of-Sale date for a product three to six months prior to the effective date.

Post End of Sale Support (PESS)

End of Manufacturing Support (EOMS)

  • The End-of-Manufacturing-Support (EOMS) date is the date after which hardware and software engineering support will no longer be provided by Imagine Communications.
  • Existing software updates will continue to be available after the EOMS date and can be found on the Imagine Communications Community webpage:

Extended Support

  • Imagine Communications Services may choose to offer extended support beyond the Manufacturing Support timeframe based around on-hand parts availability. Extended support will be provided on an “as-available” basis depending on parts availability, with no support from engineering or manufacturing with regards to defects or hardware-issue resolution.