Customer Care

Customer Care

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Our solutions are designed to improve your operating efficiency, reduce your costs and increase your revenue streams – and we are here 24/7 to provide the support you need.


Contacting Technical Support

Americas & Canada
+1 866 4 Imagine
Europe & Africa
+44 208 339 1900
Middle East
+971 4 433 8260
+852 2776 0628

24/7 support contact for all regions with MyImagine Care+
Technical Support 24/7: +1 416 4454032



“MyImagine Care services are designed to yield more efficient use of Imagine Communications' products, and customer resources, resulting in less downtime to increase your company's ROI.”

Imagine Communications’ expansive team of service professionals is available to assist with your mission-critical issues

Our renowned support team can be made available 24X7

Knowledge-Centric Service

At Imagine Communications, we strive to provide an outstanding Service experience to each and every customer, whether it is answering a simple question or supporting a complex technology rollout. As part of this endeavor, we have embraced the concept of Knowledge-Centric Service — what is learned from each customer experience is turned into knowledge that becomes actionable information in our Customer Community Knowledge Base.

We do this by ensuring that every case results in one of 3 things before it can be closed:

  • Creation of new knowledge
  • Modification of existing knowledge
  • Referral to existing knowledge

Our customers benefit from:

  • Learning from every case or issue that any customer raises
  • The constant refinement of knowledge to help provide them with usable information
  • Proactive communication of known issues or problem areas

MyImagine Care

Imagine Communications’ Care Program is the best in the industry. Whether you prefer a hardware, appliance, or software solution, Imagine has a Care program to keep your investment running smoothly for years to come. In the event of a catastrophic event, our Emergency Recovery service lets you maintain business continuity. Our Customer Community has over 3000 knowledge articles and is growing daily. Our Services team has over 2500 years of experience, and our worldwide footprint means you are always within reach of assistance when and where you need it.


Imagine Communications performs services ranging from simple troubleshooting and component replacement to complete overhauls and refurbishment of all types of equipment. Staffed by expert engineers and technicians, our process includes testing your equipment using original factory test procedures.

Service Agreements

As a leader in providing innovative products and solutions to the world’s most important media companies and broadcasters, Imagine Communications knows that reliable service and support are equally essential to your business. Our highly trained personnel, with decades of broadcast expertise, are ready to help you.

Imagine Communications offers multiple levels of Services to fit your individual needs. Let us help you find the right level of support coverage. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss a Service Agreement that fits your needs.


Imagine Communications warranty services are provided on every product and system solution. These services cover technical phone support and part replacement for the warranty period. Standard equipment warranties are provided below. To discuss software and solution warranties contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Product Warranty (North America)
Product Warranty (International)