Realizing New Revenue Through Inventory Optimization


More than ever, ad-driven media organizations are under extreme pressure to maximize the value of their airtime inventory for higher revenue and new business opportunities. That’s why forward-looking media companies are turning to cutting-edge inventory optimization tools that deliver audience targets while consuming the minimal amount of commercial airtime.

In this webinar, Imagine ad management guru Sarah Foss talks with SKY MEDIA's Jeff Eales about how he and the SKY team have increased revenue and decreased costs through implementation of a cloud-based booking optimizer and impression-based sales strategies.

Watch and learn:

  • How media companies can move into cutting-edge delivery platforms while still maximizing their primary revenue streams
  • How to leverage the cloud to simplify the switch from vertical to horizontal management systems
  • Why it's not the quantity of ads, but the quality of impressions that counts
  • How to squeeze a quart of ad revenue from a pint of inventory
  • What’s the difference between impact, impression and spot — and why it matters

Find out how harnessing the power of cross-platform inventory optimization can help you reach the ad-sales Promised Land.

Replay the webinar:

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Sarah Foss
Chief Product Officer
Imagine Communications
Jeff Eales
Director of Systems & Development