Programmatic for Sellers - A Case Study

Programmatic for Sellers - A Case Study


When the industry throws around the much-hyped term 'programmatic', the conversation tends to focus on its benefits for buyers. Media planners get better visibility to inventory. Advertisers get more transparency of data. Agencies get a better price.

But by the purest definition of the word, programmatic is all about automating the buying and selling process — which pays enormous dividends to sellers! (When done right, that is.)

Last June, Multi Channel Network (MCN) proved this point when it worked with Imagine Communications to launch programmatic into the Australian market.

This webinar will provide an insider's view of this pioneering deployment, with Sarah Foss, vice president of advertising management systems at Imagine Communications, and MCN's Angela Goodsir, operations director, systems and developments, presenting the MCN case study.