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Communications service providers (CSPs) have made substantial investments in video distribution networks based upon solid business models, but nobody could have predicted how radically these models would change in the last few years. These changes, driven mainly by evolving video consumption habits, require CSPs to build media cloud-based service capabilities that can easily adapt to the new multiscreen industry dynamics, thus allowing CSPs to deploy more flexible distribution networks and media offerings while streamlining operations. In this webinar, join the IT industry's iconic media cloud expert – Hewlett Packard Enterprise – and media and entertainment industry leader Imagine Communications for a lively, informative review of how CSPs can launch and monetize new content management and distribution services and create innovative user experiences to attract and retain pay-TV subscribers and accelerate monetization opportunities. This webinar will be hosted by Light Reading's global media expert, Alan Breznick.


  • Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading
  • Rashmi Misra, Worldwide Media & Entertainment Leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Steve Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, Imagine Communications

John Mailhot, Imagine's Architect for IP Convergence, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the real-world IP deployments that are happening today. Find out who's doing it, how they're using it and why they made the move.

Here's just some of what you'll take away:

  • Design best practices from IP early adopters
  • 3 field-proven ways to build an IP-based plant
  • Facility-specific IP considerations — from small studios to mobile production to complex, geo-dispersed operations
  • Tried-and-tested tips for making a disruption-free IP transition

Watch now to get the been-there-done-that perspective that will give you an edge whenever you're ready to jumpstart your IP journey.

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John Mailhot
Architect for IP Convergence
Imagine Communications


Imagine Communications’ Scott Solovei and Minerva Networks’ Eric Freund host an informative webinar that illustrates how you can bring the world of multiscreen to your subscribers— without large capital investment or complex implementation requirements.

Real implementations of IP Live Production are happening right now — and an increasing number of media companies are accelerating their pace.

Imagine Communications and partners Cisco and EVS discuss where IP Live Productions are happening now, why they're successful, and what steps you can take to start moving your organization toward Live Production with IP today.

Webinar topics include:

  • Workflow design for Live Production with IP
  • Examples from field implementations
  • Open standards and interfaces in Live Production
  • UHD/4K—a key driver for IP

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Kerry Wheeles
CTO, Networking
Imagine Communications
Bryan Bedford
Manager, Global Business Development
James Stellpflug
VP, Product Marketing


The days of using a black box to do a function are fading away, and taking its place is software that runs on IT hardware or in a Public or Private Cloud. Executing this migration from standard broadcast infrastructures to IP infrastructures isn’t easy.

Join our hosts TV Technology as they discuss the next generation of IP workflows and the Modern Media Data Center. Listen and interact with experts from EMC and Imagine Communications as they advise on the trends driving the transition to an all-IP and converged infrastructure for media workflows.

This webinar is designed to explain:

  • The transition from dedicated media hardware devices to an all IP facility
  • Examine the fundamental value propositions for converged systems for the media facility
  • Leveraging Hyperscale IT Infrastructure for Next-Generation Media Workflows

Learn from the panel of industry leaders on what’s changing in media workflows, how people are deploying today and ideas on next steps for your workflow.


Date and Time

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
2:00pm EDT- 3:00pm EDT


Tom Butts
Editor-in-Chief, TV Technology


Al Kovalick
Research Consultant, TV Technology
Tom Burns
Steve Smith
CTO Cloud, Imagine Communications

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When the industry throws around the much-hyped term 'programmatic', the conversation tends to focus on its benefits for buyers. Media planners get better visibility to inventory. Advertisers get more transparency of data. Agencies get a better price.

But by the purest definition of the word, programmatic is all about automating the buying and selling process — which pays enormous dividends to sellers! (When done right, that is.)

Last June, Multi Channel Network (MCN) proved this point when it worked with Imagine Communications to launch programmatic into the Australian market.

This webinar will provide an insider's view of this pioneering deployment, with Sarah Foss, vice president of advertising management systems at Imagine Communications, and MCN's Angela Goodsir, operations director, systems and developments, presenting the MCN case study.

More than ever, ad-driven media organizations are under extreme pressure to maximize the value of their airtime inventory for higher revenue and new business opportunities. That’s why forward-looking media companies are turning to cutting-edge inventory optimization tools that deliver audience targets while consuming the minimal amount of commercial airtime.

In this webinar, Imagine ad management guru Sarah Foss talks with SKY MEDIA's Jeff Eales about how he and the SKY team have increased revenue and decreased costs through implementation of a cloud-based booking optimizer and impression-based sales strategies.

Watch and learn:

  • How media companies can move into cutting-edge delivery platforms while still maximizing their primary revenue streams
  • How to leverage the cloud to simplify the switch from vertical to horizontal management systems
  • Why it's not the quantity of ads, but the quality of impressions that counts
  • How to squeeze a quart of ad revenue from a pint of inventory
  • What’s the difference between impact, impression and spot — and why it matters

Find out how harnessing the power of cross-platform inventory optimization can help you reach the ad-sales Promised Land.

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Sarah Foss
Chief Product Officer
Imagine Communications
Jeff Eales
Director of Systems & Development

Whether you view ATSC 3.0 as a nonstarter or the next big thing, this is a must-attend webinar for anyone looking to level the playing field with a new breed of digital-first competitors.

Imagine CTO Steve Reynolds and CPO Sarah Foss host a panel of prominent industry experts for a no-nonsense conversation on ATSC 3.0 that might just move you from “Why should I care?” to “What am I waiting for?

Here's just some of what you'll take away:

  • Solid grasp of the current 3.0 state of play — regulatory, standards, market
  • Insight to the revenue-driving opportunities of "the new localism"
  • Understanding of how the sunset of the main studio rule relates to 3.0
  • Practical, low-risk ways to benefit from 3.0 today
  • Field-proven tips on making a smooth transition to a 3.0 ecosystem

Replay the webinar:

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Rich Redmond  

Rich Redmond
Chief Product Officer

Chet Dagit  

Chet Dagit
Chief Executive Officer
Lokita Solutions

Sarah Foss  

Sarah Foss
Chief Product Officer
Advertising Management Systems
Imagine Communications

Steve Reynolds  

Steve Reynolds
Chief Technology Officer
Imagine Communications

Allan McLennan

Allan McLennan

Founder and President
PADEM Media Group




Shifting consumer viewing habits are forcing media companies to reconsider how to monetize and distribute content. From time-shifted viewing to “cord cutting,” consumers want their content on any device, at any location, at a minimal cost. Fortunately, technical advances in broadcast and cloud technologies are available that are allowing media companies to thrive in this new environment.

Recently, Imagine Communications has made its Playout, Live/Linear, Dynamic Ad Insertion, Encoding, and Cloud DVR solutions available in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The inherent advantages of Imagine’s technologies in the cloud — like global availability, scalability, security, reliability, and ease of deployment — give media companies a low-risk platform from which they can prosper in the new consumer-driven video world.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Opening up business opportunities with targeted themed channels.
  • Increasing revenue with targeted advertising.
  • Ensuring business continuity using cloud solutions for cost-effective disaster recovery.

Featured Speakers:

  • Tony Emerson, Managing Director, Worldwide Media & Cable, Microsoft Corporation
  • Steve Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, Imagine Communications


IP/IT-based solutions for live production are emerging, and it is clear that this trend will continue and intensify. The key to a successful transition will depend upon open and interoperable solutions based on a common, ubiquitous set of protocols. EVS, along with fellow experts from the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), will discuss the standards approach in place for the broadcast and media industry as it transitions from SDI to IP.

  • What is the state of the industry today?
  • Why do we need interoperability standards?
  • What is AIMS, and what is it doing to foster the IP transition?


  • Steve Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer, Imagine Communications
  • James Stellpflug, VP, Product Marketing, EVS
  • Bryan Bedford, Global Business Development Manager, Cisco