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IBC launches new global event series: IBC Content Everywhere


IBC is to create a series of global events to be held in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America under the title ‘IBC Content Everywhere’. The events will be held in Amsterdam, Dubai and Sao Paulo.

“Video is a huge part of the traffic over the internet, this can’t be regarded as a bolt-on to existing broadcast infrastructure.” says Michael Crimp, CEO of IBC, “One third of the planet will have fixed broadband by 2017, and this demands new business models; platform-specific content; and will appeal to a mobile-centric audience. The challenge is to create business models and relationships that take advantage of this opportunity. We’re going to bring people together, to find answers to the questions presented by this, the next step in the digital revolution for media.”

Changing market developments

IBC already runs the largest annual broadcast event in Europe with over 50,000 visitors. Recent developments in mobile and internet technology have created a new but closely related market, comprising of producers of rich media; device makers; app builders; digital marketeers; and cloud services. In 2013 over 918 million smartphones will be sold worldwide - outstripping simpler handsets for the first time - putting multimedia in the hands of more users than ever before.

Speaking of the choice of Sao Paulo and Dubai as venues for IBC Content Everywhere, Michael Crimp went on to say: “Latin America and the Middle East combine massive penetration and use of mobile technology, particularly for video and social media, with a thriving economy. For instance, Brazil - host of the 2016 Olympics - is the seventh largest internet audience in the world. The Middle East has over 284 million mobile users, with a market increasing at twice the speed of both Western Europe and North America combined. These are hotspots of real growth, and therefore IBC want to offer a haven for building relationships in those regions. Such relationships will be the bedrock from which new offerings will be built.”

IBC Amsterdam will continue to serve the broadcast industry worldwide, which itself has an estimated growth of 7% per annum to 2016.