Targeted Delivery


Streaming Packager

A key component in Imagine Communications’ Live/Linear Multiscreen solution, the Packager is one of the world’s most advanced and feature-rich software-based products for allowing video content to be viewed on the ever-expanding array of consumer screens.

Imagine's Packager uses adaptive streaming to package video content for a host of streaming services such as live/linear TV, catch-up TV, and video-on-demand. With Imagines Packager, linear and file-based video content can now be delivered seamlessly to the multiscreen world, including the wide variety of mobile devices, laptops, tablets, televisions, and other screens used for streaming. It is ideally suited for large-scale centralized or decentralized deployments.

In the most typical usage, Imagine's Packager ingests H.264/H.265-encoded video streams carried in a MPEG-2 transport stream (TS) and creates outputs in all of the major adaptive streaming protocols — Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS), Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), CMAF, MPEG DASH and RTMP formats.  It can also encrypt traffic using FairPlay and standard AES-128 for HLS, Widevine, CENC (common encryption) and PlayReady for DASH or PlayReady for Smooth Streaming, integrating key exchange with leading digital rights management key servers.

Packager generates playlists for the video streams which can be utilized by ad insertion solutions such as Imagines AIM to dynamically fill ad placement opportunities with more targeted advertising or to insert alternative or blackout content.