Targeted Delivery


Software-based HTTP-to-UDP Gateway

To accommodate shifting video consumption patterns, video service providers have been building out next-generation networks to stream video programming and commercials to Internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, PC and connected TVs.

With advancements in OTT delivery technology and improved IP networks it is now possible to provide cost-effective, flexible, and forward-looking architectures for both contribution and primary distribution of linear broadcast video channels. What has previously been missing is an edge device with the ability to convert ABR, fragmented video back in to transport streams, and thus enabling linear video distributors to transition from satellite and dedicated fibre circuits to IP-based distribution.

Imagine’s VDE (Video Delivery Edge), an HTTP-to-UDP gateway, was developed by Imagine Communications to help video service providers reduce the cost and complexity of their networks by seamlessly bridging next-generation and legacy video delivery infrastructures. The VDE is designed to enable cable operators and programmers to improve the efficiency, performance and revenue-generating potential of video delivery and ad insertion infrastructures, at the same time paving the way for the transition of operations to a fully virtualized environment based on generic computing and networking resources. By leveraging manifest manipulation, programmers are able to enhance revenue by regionalizing ads and competing in local markets, and maintain compatibility with their secondary distribution to STB’s and smart TV’s.

The software-based gateway allows cable operators to leverage their HTTP video and ad delivery infrastructure to feed linear programming and ads to existing STBs, which may number in the millions. Imagine’s VDE enables the largest cable operators in the world to extract significant costs from their operations by replacing proprietary, purpose-built ad insertion and video delivery infrastructure with state-of-the-art solutions that run entirely in software — without disturbing subscriber equipment.

Imagine’s VDE is also capable of helping broadcasters and service providers reduce costs by enabling the replacement of expensive satellite and terrestrial links that deliver compressed video to service providers, as well as links between facilities.  The VDE allows operators to replace multicast delivery networks with Internet-based, HTTP links that are more reliable, and are less expensive to operate.