Targeted Delivery


Ad Decision Router

The xG ADR™ ad decision router helps manage and place advertising across the live and on-demand multiscreen video ecosystem at scale, to maximize ad revenue and streamline the operational workflow. xG ADR manages ad decision request distribution across multiple ad decision services (ADS) to pre-fetch ad and blackout decisions to support peak demand times and to place and distribute advertising. The system also manages protocol translation and the routing of placement opportunity requests.

xG ADR is a key component of the Dynamic Ad Insertion ecosystem, and closely works in conjunction with Imagine Communications' xG ADS™, xG POIS™, xG AIM™ ad insertion for multiscreen solutions, as well as third-party solutions, to drive revenue and optimize targeted, saleable inventory.


  • Pre-fetches ad placement opportunities to allow the ad insertion system to handle more sessions during peak times, sports and special events
  • Interfaces with ADS from multiple content providers, including network content providers
  • Routes placement requests from the xG AIM manifest manipulator to the ADS for ad insertion in linear/live and VOD services
  • Translates protocols between VAST and SCTE-130
  • Pre-builds and caches placement responses to optimize performance
  • Operates in a clustered environment, easily scalable by adding new instances of services


Make the most of your content investment with the xG Schedule system’s modular approach, which simplifies multiplatform scheduling and streamlines the workflow across the business. Take advantage of an unprecedented view of inventory — and the tools to optimize it — by simultaneously unifying and simplifying programming operations.

xG ADR routes placement requests from manifest manipulators to ad decision services (ADS) for ad insertion in linear/live and VOD services. Routing decisions can be made based on content or ad insertion rights.

xG ADR manages blackout and alternate content insertion decisions in conjunction with input from an Alternate Content Manager. Blackout information processed by the xG POIS is routed to the xG ADR Alternate Content Decision Service for creating blackout decisions. An integrated geo-location database can be used to convert IP addresses to ZIP codes for geographical blackouts.

xG ADR gathers and routes placement notifications for analytics and verification reporting.

During an ad decision request, the xG ADR obtains additional information about the content, subscriber, IP-based geolocation information and the session, and automatically augments the request prior to routing to the ADS for input into the ad decision process.

xG ADR provides open, standards-based integrations across the dynamic ad insertion environment, connecting components including manifest manipulator, session service, subscriber information service (SIS), POIS and ADS. Other services include:

  • Map ad decision requests from: user clients, broadcast splicers, edge streams, VOD servers and more.
  • Manage routing across multiple national, network, regional and third-party vendor ADS based on channel, content and placement opportunity data.