Nexio® Production Playout Center

Live Event and Production Platform

Nexio® servers move to an all-new level of functionality for sports and venue production with the introduction of Production Playout Center (PPC) — a software control layer designed to control playback of Nexio server channels in a variety of production environments.

Created using feedback from broadcast leaders in both the news and sports arenas, PPC is a server ingest and playout application with capabilities that go far beyond other available products. From a single 1RU platform, PPC controls up to 16 Nexio server channels for ingest and playback, as well as up to eight routers.

PPC is made up of five software modules that fit into any type of production setting from scripted news, to on-the-fly live productions, to sports arena environments. All five modules are included with the PPC (NX1011PPC).

Multiple PPCs can be used simultaneously on a single Nexio system, each running any one of the supported modules at a given time. The number of PPCs in any system is limited only by the number of Nexio channels the system can support.

Speed to air is the driving force behind the PPC control application. Onboard media preparation tools allow the operator to define and organize content while recording is still underway. Tally indicators provide live notification of which channels are on-air — keeping the operator constantly aware of the production. And with configurable shortcut keys, live asset and metadata updates, and built-in Fast-Cue technology for instant navigation to key points in long pieces of media, the PPC allows you to get your material on-air in record time.