Nexio® Digital Turnaround Processor™

Compressed Domain Processing

The Nexio® Digital Turnaround Processor™ (DTP) line represents the latest generation in the Imagine Communications compressed domain processing family of products, leveraging years of development and on-air experience.

The DTP aims to help broadcasters avoid decoding and re-encoding emission-level programs, thereby saving capital and operational costs, while still allowing the broadcaster to offer locally relevant content and services. An all compressed-domain approach optimizes video quality by preserving original encoder decisions as much as possible, while meeting the local station’s unique operating environment and business demands.

Now, in addition to grooming (add/dropping), splicing/switching and statistically multiplexing individual programs within single- or multiple-program transport streams, broadcasters can offer the following localization services through deployment of the DTP:

Processing MPEG-2 Programs

  • Frame-accurate ‘ad-insertion’ and program playback within network feeds
  • Local station branding through logo overlays
  • Local emergency alert systems (EAS), including text crawls and audio switchovers, to comply with government regulations and to provide better local community service
  • Trans-rate programs from different origination points into a compliant multi-program output
  • Community outreach with localized message crawls (e.g., weather and news alerts, etc.)
  • Overlay advertising — via animated graphics — on program video or national ads to burn in localized messages. This allows local ad revenue generation without the cost of full audio/video ad spot creation