Nexio® Track Router

Audio Channel and Caption Management Application

Nexio® Servers now support two features that facilitate audio workflows in the broadcast server environment.

The first provides the ability to tag ingested audio tracks with the name of a language or track descriptor, add additional audio tracks to any clip stored in the server, and select the desired audio tracks when playing out the clip. Audio track manipulation is ideal for managing multi-lingual audio profiles or different profiles for SD and HD playout.

The second feature supports file-based caption import and export, which allows for the addition or replacement of captions. This can be used to support multiple languages and avoids the expense of a downstream captions inserter.

Both of these features can be managed by supporting automation applications, or with the Nexio Track Router application, which is available as separately-licensed Nexio software.

Nexio Track Router simplifies and in many instances replaces downstream audio router needs, and is especially useful when different routing rules must be applied dynamically based on multiple audio profiles present in the media library. For instance, when HD and up-converted SD content are played back-to-back, it is a complex task to identify different audio profiles in the output stream and correctly re-map them with a downstream audio router. Nexio Track Router will be of particular interest to broadcasters:

  • with multi-language content and channels with different language profiles;
  • of syndicated or other distributed content who need to map audio to local audio profile requirements;
  • who are either re-purposing or multi-purposing content for SD and HD channels with different audio profiles;
  • who receive content which requires replacement of or additional caption tracks in local languages.