Nexio® Remote™

Monitoring and Control Software

Nexio® Remote™ is used to monitor and control channels on one or more Nexio® servers over a local area network (LAN).

Nexio Remote has many of the same features and the same user interface as NXOS, the standard user interface, provided with Nexio I/O servers. From a single user interface baseband ingest, playout and content management can be controlled for up to six Nexio channels on any of the servers in a single server system. In addition, it supports optional applications including Nexio® Playlist™, ClipSync™ and Delay™.

When a channel from a Nexio server is connected to Nexio Remote, control of that channel is locked to the application. Nexio Remote may also be used to remotely manage content and control several user applications on the Nexio server. Operators can connect and disconnect from different servers in the system, maximizing flexibility and control.