Nexio AMP® ChannelView™

Integrated Multiviewer I/O Monitoring

Nexio AMP® ChannelView™ is an optional media application for the Nexio AMP® advanced media platform.

Nexio AMP® ChannelView™ integrates software-based multiviewer I/O monitoring directly into the Nexio AMP server, allowing users to easily and cost-effectively monitor the server’s input and output ports on an attached VGA monitor. No additional hardware is required.

Nexio AMP ChannelView combines technology developed for the Imagine Communications HView™ SX Hybrid multiviewer with the powerful Nexio AMP video processing platform to deliver a complete view of up to six channels. Setup is as simple as connecting a VGA monitor to the second DVI port on the rear of a Nexio AMP server. Broadcast engineers and operators can extend their view to the entire facility by using a KVM switch to monitor multiple servers.