Nexio+™ AMP®

Next-Generation Integrated and Shared Storage Media Server

Nexio+™ AMP® is the next step in the evolution of the acclaimed Nexio AMP® video server. Now combining industry-leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise standard server models and Imagine software/hardware bundle kits, Nexio+ AMP truly enables software-defined applications and delivers the exceptional reliability, flexibility and format transparency that broadcast operations demand. The Nexio+ AMP Advanced Media Platform is an efficient and integrated server platform for managing digital content from ingest to playout.

  • UHD and HDR Ready: Supports Ultra High-Definition and High Dynamic Range video.
  • Easy to maintain: Built on HPE IT platforms using an Imagine Communications-designed I/O card.
  • On-air reliability: No single point of failure; redundant power, networks, media paths. High-availability SAN storage with patented Intrinsic Mirroring™ technology.
  • Flexible system designs: System scales from small integrated servers to 1000+ channel SAN architecture. Pay as you go, online expansion of storage capacity and bandwidth.
  • Comprehensive range of software-based codecs and formats: Add codecs through software upgrades and licensing.
  • Packed with value-added features for simple & efficient workflows: Proxy generation, on-SAN editing, multichannel audio and more.