Nexio® PRX Transcoder

Low­Resolution Transcoding Server

The Nexio® PRX Transcoder is part of the Imagine® NewsForce™ HD/SD news platform. A key component of the Nexio Global Proxy solution, the PRX Transcoder server automatically converts high-resolution files from the Nexio storage area network (SAN) into low-resolution H.264 MP4 proxy files.

The Nexio® PRX Transcoder reads all Nexio-supported, high-resolution, high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) formats, and can automatically transcode four or eight independent, simultaneous streams up to four times faster than real time.

Once transcoded into low resolution, all MP4 proxy files are stored on industry-standard storage arrays where they can be viewed, edited and conformed back to high resolution with other components of the NewsForce platform.

The Nexio PRX Transcoder works in conjunction with Nexio PRX Scavenger, a rules-based application that automatically determines which high-resolution clips need to be transcoded, as well as transcoder assignment, metadata updates and low-resolution deletion.