Nexio® InstantOnline™

High-Resolution Conforming Engine

Nexio® InstantOnline™ (IOL) is an automatic conforming engine that enables edit decision lists (EDLs), projects and timelines from Imagine Communications Velocity™ editing systems, Apple® Final Cut Pro® sequences and media files to be conformed into high-resolution clips.

This content is stored on the Nexio® shared storage system and is immediately available for play to air as soon as the conform process begins — enabling a highly efficient workflow and the creation of broadcast-ready content from EDLs faster than real time.

InstantOnline is a third-generation specialty server commonly used with the Nexio® Global Proxy low-resolution system. Tight integration between InstantOnline™ and Velocity PRX™ proxy editors allows for direct timeline conforming and proxy creation at the push of a button. Voiceovers, timelines and EDLs created on the proxy editors are seamlessly conformed to high-resolution clips and are immediately ready for playback. With InstantOnline, proxy editor users also gain a real-time monitor showing current status of all timelines and voiceovers being conformed.

Extremely versatile, InstantOnline can conform EDLs into clips containing both metadata and essence from any low-resolution browser that adopts the Imagine Communications EDL standard. It can also directly conform high-resolution timelines and projects from Velocity ESX™ on-SAN editors — as well as from Final Cut Pro® workstations (when used in conjunction with the Nexio® FCP Integration Gateway). This ability eliminates the need to process the final output from the editing workstation, allowing the editor to move quickly to the next time-critical project.

In addition to conforming, InstantOnline provides a quick and efficient method for importing content onto the Nexio SAN. Media copied to an InstantOnline watch folder is automatically imported directly to the SAN, where it can be edited or instantly sent to air. The system accepts a multitude of file types from third-party applications and devices.