Nexio+ Channelbrand™

Advanced Multichannel Branding Solution

Nexio+ Channelbrand™ is a cost-effective, multichannel branding solution, combining integrated branding and video playback functions all in a single, flexible platform. It simplifies the creation, display and maintenance of a consistent brand, allowing broadcasters to get to air quickly and simply, with data-driven content, logos, time/temperature display, rolls/crawls, and EAS information.

Available in a scalable channel density, Nexio+ Channelbrand can be deployed as a standalone solution; connected to a larger Nexio+ playout solution and ADC™ or D-Series™ automation; or integrated with third-party control and automation systems. Content can be created online or offline and include L-bar effects, multilevel animation/still insertion, and data-driven elements for template-based playout. Offering both two-channel and four-channel versions, Nexio+ Channelbrand provides a flexible solution for all broadcasters.

  • Nexio+ Channelbrand 2x provides two channels of advanced branding and graphics capabilities with multiple live input switching, digital video effects (DVEs) and a maximum number of layers
  • Nexio+ Channelbrand 4x provides four channels of standard branding with digital video effects (DVEs) and a limited number of layers

Nexio+ Channelbrand can leverage full Nexio+™ AMP® media server clip playback capability from either internal or external SAN-based storage. This allows users to capitalize on the market-leading design of our award-winning Nexio+ product family, including a comprehensive set of software-based video codecs and advanced audio routing.

Nexio+ Channelbrand is enhanced by Imagine Communications’ cross-platform Animation Builder solution, which enables an integrated approach to graphics template creation and allows for simplified and streamlined workflows from creation to air. By leveraging native Adobe® After Effects® CC rendering, templates created by graphics professionals using Animation Builder enable rapid customization without conversion prior to rendering — adding even more efficiency to graphics creation.