Master Control and Graphics

Whether preparing content for playout, enhancing the on-air look or differentiating a brand, master control, graphics and on-air/channel branding tools are an essential part of any broadcast operation.

Our integrated portfolio of solutions provides customers with unrivaled choice and flexibility for meeting current needs, as well as the ability to cost-effectively add new functionality as requirements evolve.

ProductDescriptionIdeal ForApplications
Master Control & Branding
Advanced and comprehensive set of master control and multichannel branding solutions that allow for simplified and streamlined workflows from creation to air.Multichannel playout operations looking to simplify workflow, enhance creativity, differentiate their brand and reduce operating costs per channel.
Master Control
Advanced set of master control solutions that allow for simplified and streamlined workflow.Singular or Multichannel playout control with an ideal control surface for prepping and enhancing content for playout.
Highly integrated solution leveraging industry leading graphics creation tools.Advanced graphics creation with simplified management and deployment.
Master Control & Branding