Integrated Playout


Broadcasters are eager to compete for audience and ad dollars by quickly deploying new services and channels with specialized content from a solution that solves todays and tomorrow’s challenges.

Our easy-to-deploy integrated playout solution accelerates channel deployment more quickly than traditional installations with a flexible, software-based architecture that enables broadcasters to pay for only what they need and affordably add features as the business evolves.

The Imagine Communications IOX Storage platform is an evolution of our existing shared storage offering.  Our playout storage offering is designed for high-performance and advanced production environments, and  architected to  enable media companies to shape and configure storage resources to meet the exacting needs of each operation in the workflow.

ProductDescriptionIdeal ForApplications
Integrated Playout
Integrated playout platform delivering industry-leading automation, server technology and graphics, through a variety of deployment models (premises-based, hybrid, and virtualized / cloud).New channel launches, multichannel expansions, disaster recovery and any small or large-scale playout operation.