xG Live Log™

BXF Live Log Integration for Traffic and Playout Automation Systems

Imagine Communications’ Landmark xG Live Log™ module creates a seamless connection between traffic and playout automation systems using SMPTE BXF-standard data exchange to communicate log updates made in traffic.  The automated nature of xG Live Log enables media companies to make changes or substitutions within minutes of airtime, substantially reducing makegoods and errors caused by manual updates. Logs can be timed with full frame accuracy to drive additional revenue and avoid awkward content transitions.

With xG Live Log, edits can be performed in the traffic system and communicated dynamically throughout the workflow, including:

  • Copy changes to commercial spots existing on the log
  • Swap of promotional spots with higher-value spots
  • Addition of secondary events
  • Extension of breaks to accommodate more commercial time
  • Change of programming to accommodate late-breaking changes
  • Updates to timing with frame accuracy

Imagine Communications’ xG Live Log provides the most robust live log integration in the industry. The module works with all Imagine Communications traffic and automation systems and is also capable of facilitating live log transactions with third-party traffic systems and automation platforms. With almost a decade of experience in implementing live log solutions at major networks, cable networks and station groups, Imagine Communications is uniquely able to leverage xG Live Log to provide tighter integrations and third-party support.