Nexio® Motion™

Intelligent Media Movement

Nexio® Motion™ is the integration and workflow enablement platform for Imagine storage and playout solutions. The system creates automated processes that moves and manages media between Imagine products, storage and third party solutions, kicking off workflows such as quality control, transcoding, restore from archive and many more.

Transform media from one file format to another by incorporating a SelenioFlex File transcoder for ingest into your Nexio Motion environment, publishing for OTT, or a multitude of other integrations. In addition to these automatic operations, processes can be triggered manually, and priorities can be modified based on your immediate needs.

Nexio Motion is a utility layer that performs a connectivity and workflow path between Imagine solutions such as Versio, Nexio and Nexio Insight.

Typical utility workflows include:

  • Trigger workflows automatically based on new, updated or deleted media in storage
  • Schedule tasks at fixed times and dates
  • Start workflows from external systems such as Imagine Communications automation and media asset management
  • Copy, move, delete, rename, check IDs and retrieve metadata from video file servers and other storage
  • Archive, restore and transcode
  • Monitor storage usage, and automatically e-mail system administrators
  • Query the traffic system to extract a purge list
  • Import work order lists of material to process
  • Design or modify processes with the user interface based configuration tools (training and support fees applicable)

Additional configurations and processes can be designed in conjunction with Imagine professional services to meet your requirements.