Nexio® Insight™

Digital Asset Management

The digitization of content presents the opportunity to design an operation focused on achieving the maximum value from your content assets. Embracing digital enables you to move beyond traditional processing to repurpose and reinvent your content in ways that build new revenue streams and new audiences. Nexio® Insight (formerly Invenio®) puts you in control of your media transformation by making it possible to develop new products and services with a shorter time to market.

Improve the efficiency of content management
As you seek new business opportunities, the content formats that you need to support will grow, which can lead to increased overhead and operational complexity. Nexio Insight streamlines your content workflows to allow your business to take advantage of new revenue opportunities with minimum investment.

Information about the location, format and status of your content is always at hand. Nexio Insight automates your file-based operations, including digital media ingest, transcoding, media duplication and transfers. The system relates data to content — even down to the frame — and integrates your devices to ensure that you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.

Supercharge your workflow
Instantly know what new assets have been ingested into the system. Search for content, create new versions and more. Nexio Insight technology delivers efficient management of content from acquisition to distribution. A comprehensive range of open, intelligent and reliable media movement tools enables you to effortlessly trigger workflows for content. Customizable content workflows automate delivery and carry out assignments.

  • Manage the key workflows that help your business acquire, catalog, edit and distribute digital media
  • Ingest and catalog digital content
  • Locate rich metadata and content across the operation
  • Browse, view and edit low-resolution proxy media from anywhere — desktop, Mac or web
  • Prepare content for re-purposing — and get it distributed