D-Series™ Device Controller

The Imagine Communications® Device Controller is a common hardware platform that supports all D-Series™ automation solutions, including the new D-Series™ system.

As the core hardware element of your automation system, the Device Controller manages all basic D-Series functionality from a high-performance server that hosts the real-time operating system, application software and device drivers.

The Device Controller, available in efficient 2RU and 4RU configurations, is built for demanding broadcast automation operations. The system was developed from the ground up with high reliability and maintainability, with specifications designed to handle future growth.

The Device Controller chassis houses serial interface cards, network cards for communication and device control and the timecode reference card, in a variety of configuration options. The platform is fully compliant with environmental standards, including the international WEEE and RoHS regulations. Serial- and IP-network connections are employed to provide high-speed communications with video servers and other broadcast devices. Additionally, the 2RU and 4RU chassis share a large number of components, reducing spare parts and inventory administration.

If you’re already using D-Series automation, upgrading to the Device Controller future-proofs your playout system and allows you to take full advantage of software developments supporting new broadcast models and technologies.