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Test & Measurement

Today’s television systems require highly stable, redundant architectures for the main and backup reference sources for video, audio and time code, as well as test signals. Measuring and analyzing video and audio signals are also critical to maintaining signal quality.

The highly reliable and cost-effective Videotek® test and measurement portfolio offers a comprehensive set of video, audio and time code test and reference generators with GPS options, clock displays and an up/down counter. For quality analysis, a range of options are available, including multiple-format 3G/HD/SD video waveform monitors and audio signal analyzers, audio loudness monitoring and logging, and MPEG test equipment.

ProductDescriptionIdeal ForApplications
Video Test
Wide array of tools for testing and optimizing video quality, offering support for multiple standards and formats.Fixed facilities or OB vehicles, temporary location setups, alarming/unattended operation, full video analysis.
Advanced solutions for the monitoring and analysis of multiple compressed streams.Confidence monitoring, QoS testing, deep inspection of SI and caption information.
Reference and Test Generators
Highly reliable line of reference products that offer a solution for every timing application — regardless of requirement. Video and audio timecode reference; production, post production and Telecine transfer, source testing, timecode insert, and redundant sync, test and time.