Networking & Infrastructure


From space-constrained mobile production trucks to complex multichannel operations, today’s signal routing requirements are becoming more varied and more challenging as the industry moves beyond the traditional broadcast application.

Whether you need a small-matrix router or seek to route on a larger scale encompassing thousands of I/O, our solutions are simple to deploy and operate, and scale easily and affordably as your business and your requirements grow.

ProductDescriptionIdeal ForApplications
Innovative Enterprise, Large and Medium Routing
Innovative video/ audio router line in matrix sizes from 40x32 to beyond 2Kx2K — launched industry’s first router-integrated multiviewer, mux/demux and frame sync.Any medium to large-scale routing application, from mobile production trucks to cable headends or national broadcasters that require 1,000s of I/O.
Small to Midsize Utility Video Routing
Industry’s highest-density SDI video router in choice of 4 frames with matrix sizes up to 288x288 Compact footprint makes it ideally suited for small broadcasters, mobile production trucks and houses of worship
Control & Configuration
Range of hardware and software solutions that enable intuitive control of Imagine and third-party routers and processing equipment.Any baseband, hybrid or IP environment requiring flexible, future-proof control of routing and processing solutions.