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Selenio™ MCP3

Today’s broadcasters face a myriad of challenges, from converting multiple video and audio signal types and managing loudness issues to transporting baseband over IP.

Our range of full-featured, multichannel solutions for video and audio processing are designed to meet your particular requirements quickly and easily – whether you’re handling audio, video or data, and whether you’re seeking a modular or standalone platform.

ProductDescriptionIdeal ForApplications
Standalone IP Processing
Industry's first all-IP-capable processing solution optimized for handling uncompressed UHD signalsHybrid and IP environments
Processing & Compression
Modular media convergence platform integrates baseband video/audio processing, compression and IP networking in a single platform.High-density and dedicated processing, compression and IP networking functionality in baseband or hybrid environments.
Core Processing
Industry’s broadest range of core signal processing and distribution functionality via single-purpose modules housed in a cost-effective, flexible platform. Highly integrated, dense and dedicated core signal processing and distribution applications.
Standalone Processing
Powerful, standalone audio/video frame synchronizers, converters and legalizers in space-saving 1 and 2RU units.Dynamic environments where multiple signal types and processing requirements might be encountered.
DTS Neural Advanced Audio Options
Broad range of advanced audio solutions that improve distribution, management and control of signals throughout the transport chain.Any advanced audio application from real-time audio processing to loudness measurement and logging.