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SelenioFlex™ Ingest

Live-to-File Ingest Encoding
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Broadcasters, media companies and service providers are acutely aware of the change in how viewers around the world consume video. Seeking to increase their reach and the value of their content, these organizations recognize the importance of managing and supporting a myriad of formats and files for applications from revenue-generating multiscreen delivery to post production and archive. SelenioFlex live-to-file ingest solutions provide efficient, multiformat capture and encoding from live sources or tapes and transcoding from file-based sources. Combining superior output quality, format flexibility and the industry's deepest feature set, the SelenioFlex ingest system is the ideal gateway to file-based production and archive workflows and today’s vast array of multiscreen distribution opportunities.

Within its highly productive workflow, SelenioFlex ingest solutions enable source video to be encoded or streamed simultaneously in multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates. The system can be used for live (crash-record) ingest, deck control, and file-ingest, while multiple concurrent output formats can be captured from a single source simultaneously in both real-time and offline modes. Enriching the already powerful and versatile system is a range of robust configurations that integrate seamlessly into any professional broadcast or media workflow environment.