Networking & Infrastructure

Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator

Software Control System for Hybrid Baseband/IP Facilities

As media companies embrace the technology evolution that will lead to the transformation of their facilities from baseband to IP, they face investment, operational and workflow challenges. Enabling a smooth transition to an IP-based future is the Imagine Communications’ Magellan™ SDN Orchestrator – an overarching software control system for managing hybrid baseband and IP networks.

Even as the transition path is being defined, media companies have one basic requirement for both IP and SDI — ensure and maintain the integrity of all content being created, processed and distributed. Incorporating the Magellan SDN Orchestrator control layer into any hybrid network allows the entire bit flow to be software-defined, significantly improving the way valuable, high-quality video is managed throughout the broadcast facility. This delivers complete visibility of the entire network, offering a management view for optimal operational monitoring.

By facilitating the seamless integration of IP technology with legacy systems, the Magellan SDN Orchestrator protects your existing infrastructure investments, allowing you to maintain operational and workflow integrity in a hybrid environment, while on the path to an all-IP network.

Developing and introducing this innovative solution is yet another way Imagine Communications is leading the industry in providing a bridge to next-generation infrastructures. From the earliest demonstrations of IP transport of television signals to the development of the latest SMPTE standards, Imagine Communications is involved in every step of the media industry’s migration to IP.