Networking & Infrastructure

Videotek® VSX-11-3G

Multiformat Sync Changeover Unit

The Imagine Communications Videotek® VSX-11-3G Multiformat Sync Changeover unit is a 1RU wide, 1RU tall and 12 inches deep, and supports multiple formats of video, audio and data signals on BNC connectors. The unit is small in size with redundant power supply inputs (redundant power supplies are included), has low power consumption and is light in weight, making it a perfect fit for all broadcast television and post production environments.

The VSX-11-3G has 11 outputs that are switched from primary or secondary inputs as determined by input conditions or faults. The VSX-11-3G is designed for use in any video format environment and provides protection for primary reference signal loss. All channels have a user-selectable configuration. The VSX-11-3G accommodates SDI Serial Digital Interface SD/HD/3G, NTSC/PAL color black (black burst) and tri level sync and AES digital audio.

The VSX-11-3G can be used with the VSG-MTG Master Timing Generator, VSG-4TSG Test Signal Generator, VSG-4CSD Clock Systems Driver and VSG-401 Compact Video and Audio Test Generator. Packages including two of the aforementioned products and a VSX-11-3G are available for redundant, reference, test and reference, time/date and test systems.