Networking & Infrastructure


Router Protocol Translator

Today, many broadcast facility system designs require interoperability among router systems from different manufacturers. End users often favor one manufacturer’s control system over another and are simply looking to expand current routing capabilities.

EDGE is a 1RU router protocol translator that acts as a bridge between Imagine Communications XY router protocols and other third-party router control and monitoring protocols. EDGE is distinguished from existing Imagine Communications serial protocol translators (SPT) in that it can support third-party TCP/IP protocols, as well as serial protocols. Many system designs require Imagine Communications router control panels to control third-party routers or for Imagine Communications routers to be controlled by third-party router control panels. EDGE can be configured to meet the needs of both of these applications.

EDGE also acts as an SNMP agent for Imagine Communications routing systems. Any Imagine Communications router can be mapped to an SNMP-based monitoring and control system.