Networking & Infrastructure

Selenio™ Network Processor

IP gateway, synchronizer, processor for hybrid/all-IP HD/3G/UHD

Selenio™ Network Processor (SNP) is the industry’s first pure-IP processor. With its introduction, Imagine Communications continues to forge ahead with the delivery of innovative solutions for the new broadcast reality of IT-based infrastructures.

The high-density SNP platform offers IP-to-IP processing capabilities, handling uncompressed UHD signals based on the SMPTE 2110 specification for transporting media over IP networks. Building on the award-winning legacy of Imagine’s globally deployed 1RU processors, the SNP also features an edge synchronizer for processing streams before they enter the core router, reducing complexity in signal routing.

As a next-gen, FPGA-based processor, the SNP seamlessly bridges SDI and IP networks, while easily meeting UHD requirements in live production. It interoperates with Imagine’s other UHD- and IP-ready solutions, including the EPIC™ MV monitoring and control system, and Versio™ cloud-native integrated playout platform, for a seamless end-to-end production workflow.

The compact and versatile standards-centered SNP is ideal for media companies looking to reduce costs and complexity associated with supporting SDI and hybrid SDI-IP workflows in their studio and mobile facilities, while optimizing the agility and efficiency of their IT-based environments.